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BERITAENGLISH#SabahIntruders: Evidence Of Sulu Army's Cruelty

#SabahIntruders: Evidence Of Sulu Army’s Cruelty

Tentera Kesultanan SuluThe origins of the word ‘Sulu’ comes from knowledge of Islamic Sufism, ‘Suluk’ (prayers in isolation or solitary) which should describe how good Sulu is. Some even claimed that ‘Sulu’ came from the word ‘jolo’ which was given from Chinese traders to them which brings the meaning of ‘good people’.

Thus, it is weird to see why such good people would start a war just to invade a region in an Islamic state, Malaysia, to be part of a kafir country, Philippine. Sulu leadership even criticized the Philippine government for not supporting them in the issue, even though the are people of the country.

It is even weirder to see how Sulu army don’t even reflect the image of Islam, even though they are aware that they are going against their Muslim brothers. Their actions seem more like they are communists or the Japanese invaders where they beheaded Malaysian police, as well as stabbing through one of Special Branch Head Unit’s officer. It seems that Sulu army are really going all out because they know that they would never win.

Their cruelty brings us to more question about who is the person who started all this. Perhaps Sultan Sulu is stupid enough that he is willing to risk the life of his men for the sake of something that is impossible to get? Or perhaps he is promised with help from anyone? This is not impossible, considering their well-equipt fire power.

Sulu ethnic should think whether it is wise to risk their lives just for a small region? This fight is nothing more than fulfilling the lust of their leader, other than making enemies of Islam happy as Muslims begin to kill one another.

Sulu invasion is just a follow-up plan from some sides after the clash between PAS and UNMO which has been going on for decades but still yet to show any bloodshed as they hoped. The same thing goes to the attempt to create racial clash led by DAP through the issue of kalimah Allah, as well as the attempt to copy the bloodshed in Tahrir Square by organizing demonstrations which also failed badly.

It is clear that Sulu fail to realize that they are just tools and baits. That is why these ‘peaceful people’ seem like they are possessed by devils. It is sad having to bear through their cruelty considering the fact that Malaysian government do not have any harsh approach even after they got to Malaysia.

Malaysian government’s approach shows maturity of its leaders while approach taken by Sultan Sulu only reflects negative image, other than proving that they are irrational, cruel.

It is not wise for Sulu people to take advantage over Malaysia’s maturity because as a concerned government, it will not let soldiers and rakyat of this country end up being victims of Sulu’s cruelty.

Whatever it is, Sulu people has fulfilled the hope of the enemies to Islam to see Muslims killing one another.



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