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Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 2 with better specs, bigger display

Korean tech giant Samsung is all set to introduce Galaxy Note 2 with better specs, bigger display. This is sure to pose tougher days for 7-inch tablets

Big-screened Samsung Galaxy Note just got a larger screen in its next version, the Note 2. Reports from the Korean Maeil Business Newspaper revealed that the 5.3-inch big display would be replaced by a 5.5-inch display for its next next in line, making the smartphone and tablet inch closer to being a tablet.

Besides the screen size, the quality of the current camera is also said to improve. The already awesome 8 megapixel camera might be replaced by a whopping 12 or 13 megapixel one. These details were revealed in Maeil.

The bigger screen and better camera can give a wonderful visual experience to the user, especially on the Super AMOLED display.

Similar kind of details had come out before in June on amobile blog GSM Arena about the bigger screen size and better camera, so this might just be strengthening of the rumours.

Both the news sources also claim that the Note might come out this September, just before the launch of the fifth generation iPhone. This would prove to be a good time for the release of a phone, especially before the shopping season begins.

The large screen of the Note has not won positive reviews from industry sources, but it does become a favourite for those who use it. The label of “Not for everyone but just right for me” fits very well for this large faced tablet-smartphone. So a bigger screen size might just make the two parties even more polarised, with the large-screen lovers having an even better time and the iPhone gang panning the Note all the more.

The display of the smartphone dwarfs that of the iPhone 4S which is big at 3.5-inches and bigger than even the big screened smartphone the Galaxy S3, which boasts a 4.8-inches large display.

The release date seems something to take notice of as the Note 2 is scheduled for a September release. One source pegs it at an August 30 release at the IFA 2012 Trade Show in Berlin.

This is just 11 months after the first Note was released. From the American release date this is merely six months ahead. However, even after this short span of time Samsung has already sold an impressive 7 million units of the Note. Those who are planning to buy the Note now might do well to hold it for a little longer and wait to ry the Note 2 as well.

The uniquely large screen, which irks some immensely, is one of the qualities of Samsung that has now made it the number one mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Though iPhone makes a bigger profit than any other phone firm, Samsung offers this kind of varierty to its large customer base that is hard to find anywhere else.

In a recent poll it was revealed that Samsung, the South Korean firm, has already dethroned Nokia from its 14 year old reign as the top mobile brand and has eaten up Apple’s market share as well.

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