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Sarawak Report confirms PetroSaudi's and Anwar Ibrahim's relationships

Sarawak report made a new post today titled “How Najib Used PetroSaudi To Wage Black Propaganda Against Anwar – EXCLUSIVE” alleging the close ties between PetroSaudi and PM Najib was used to bad-mouth Anwar Ibrahim and taint him as a person linked to terrorists.

But I fear Sarawak Report has backfired BIG TIME with this post.

Sarawak Report had then reproduced an email between Nawaf Obaidi, the brother of Tarek Obaid, the CEO of PetroSaudi, with the Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs in the US National Security Council (NSC), Michael Froman.

This was one of the many tens of thousands of emails that they took from PetroSaudi’s Xavier Justo :

Warning to Hilary Clinton
We reproduce that email in full, because it makes plain that its purpose was to prevent the then US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, from meeting with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, by alleging that he was supporting terrorism:

From: nawafobaid@aol.com
To: Michael_B._Froman@nsc.eop.gov
Sent: Tue, Oct 26, 2010 8:00 pm

To: Mr. Michael B. Froman
Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs
US National Security Council
Washington DC.
—–Original Message—–
From: nawafobaid@aol.com
To: Michael_B._Froman@nsc.eop.gov
Sent: Tue, Oct 26, 2010 8:00 pm
Subject: CONFIDENTIAL Alert 

Michael :- 

I was just reading the morning papers and came across an article talking about Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s, upcoming visit to South-East Asia and to Malaysia in particular. 

In the spirit of our openness and deep trust that we have developed over the past two years of working together on various economic and financial issues dealing with the IMF/World Bank,G-20 and Energy in the context of the wider US-Saudi special “strategic” bilateral relationship, I think I should alert you on a possible deeply embarrassing situation that Secretary Clinton could find herself in. 

The confidential secret assessment that I had come to see you about two weeks ago is nearly complete and I hope to be able to pass you a copy with a lot of hard supporting intelligence next week when we meet. Basically, this assessment has uncovered beyond any doubt the existing close ties between Malaysian controversial politician Anwar Ibrahim and the Muslim Brotherhood network. 

More alarmingly, we have found proof of Mr. Ibrahim’s ties with some of the leading brotherhood ideologues and financiers around the globe, such as Youssef Al Qaradawi,Yassin Qadi, Youssef Nada and others. The International Institute of Islamic thoughts in Virginia that was raided on numerous occasions by the federal authorities in the past several years and the nerve center of brotherhood financing in the US has Mr. Ibrahim as a founding member. 

This came to our attention through a friendly country who informed us that the Malaysians were concerned that senior Saudi officials and the Saudi government were involved in supporting and funding Mr. Ibrahim’s political agenda. After a thorough investigation this has of course proven to be completely untrue and we were able to trace these misleading claims and their purposes. But the issue is that he has got himself involved with basically a lot of the names that were investigated by the US government after 9/11 with “potential ties to terrorism funding” and we have a trove of evidence to support this. 

So, as this assessment will be shared with various governments as the data is collected from various countries (including the US, especially from the 9/11 investigation reports), I am concerned that the substance of the report or most of the report will be made public at some point which could cause embarrassment for Secretary Clinton and other senior US officials who might ask to see him publically. 

I do not think I will be able to turn over the entire assessment and supporting evidence before the end of next week, so I just thought it prudent to send you this very confidential email to alert you and your colleagues. 

I that you will treat this email and the content with full secrecy when you pass it on. 

I am available to talk if you about this issue whenever you want. I look forward to seeing you next week. 


In its haste to paint Najib black, Sarawak Reporthas accidentally confirmed yet again the close ties that PetroSaudi has with the Saudi royalty.

And worse, Sarawak Report also reconfirms and brings back into attention jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s close ties to known terrorist organizations and personalities.

Not everyone can write to the Deputy Director of the USA’s National Security Council and to get them to stop the USA Secretary of State to meet anyone.

You need to be very highest circles of powers to able to reach these USA big-wigs and get them to act on it – further proof of PetroSaudi’s royalty and international diplomacy links.

This is the USA’s National Security Council itself!  – not, Angkatan Muda Keadilan.

And the NSC is also not going to simply believe anyone and probably reconfirmed with their own military intelligence on those allegations in the Obaidi email.

Tarek Obadi and his brother thus got what they wanted – which was to stop USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from meeting Anwar Ibrahim.

But were the allegations made by Obaidi to the USA National Security Council Deputy Director about Anwar Ibrahim’s links with terror organizations fair and valid?

Please look at those words in blue in the email sent by Obaidi to the NSC:
Muslim Brotherhood network.

  • Youssef Al Qaradawi,
  • Yassin Qadi,
  • Youssef Nada

The International Institute of Islamic thoughts

The Muslim Brotherhood was indeed banned in Egypt for 85 years and also banned in a few other countries as a terrorist organization.

The next three names of Youssef Al QaradawiYassin Qadi and Youssef Nada are all Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

And Anwar does indeed have links with these people -close links too as you can see in these pictures obtained off the internet.

Of of many photos taken of Qardawi from Anwar Ibrahim’s own blog when Qardawi endorsed Anwar in GE13

Although I could not find any pictures of Anwar Ibrahim with the second name, Yassin Qad but their links were also detailed in this 2003 expose by Australian TV program Dateline and also in numerous other articles online over the years including this one in 2006 and this one in 2007.

And here is a picture of Anwar and his family with Youssef Nada who was one of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, financier and instigator of the deadly Arab Spring in Egypt that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands and brought Egypt to chaos until today.

1995 picture of Anwar Ibrahim and his family with Youssef Nada taken from Nada’s own book

As for the The International Institute of Islamic Thoughts, Anwar Ibrahim is indeed one of the key founders.

And yes, as confirmed by the leaked email from PetroSaudi to the USA NSC, that institute has been raided by the USA authorities many times due to terrorist activities.

Thus Sarawak Report in a very ill-advised and very desperate attempt to attack PM Najib again has exposed one of the PetroSaudi emailthat again re-confirms that PetroSaudi is a Saudi Royal family company which has links at the highest international levels – further confirming that the 1MDB and PetroSaudi Joint-venture was a government to government initiative.

And worse, Sarawak Report has reconfirmed what the US National Security Council believes and brought back into attention Anwar Ibrahim’s long-rumoured links with known terrorists.

Oh dear, Clare Brown. What have you done now?

Were you trying to attack Najib or were you trying to nail Anwar Ibrahim?

Now the new Pakatan Harapan (born from the ashes of the now-dead Pakatan Rakyat) has to explain why they still want Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister.

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