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Scorpene: Jasbir’s Statement Proofs SUARAM Is A Living Dead @SUARAMtweets


The purchase of scorpene submarines is an amazing case of a non-issue made to be an enormous, monstrous issue that would never go away. It all started off with a big lie by SUARAM and like all lies, it can only get bigger by the day that it burst out of proportion till we can’t see its original form anymore.

And now, out of ego, perhaps, SUARAM is determine to continue lying even when they don’t know what they are lying about anymore. Malaysians, in general, already know the truth and don’t pay much attention to SUARAM. However, there are few who got carried away with the negative perceptions towards the government and continue ‘buying’ the lies, even ‘donate’ for the cause. SUARAM made sure that they do so, by organizing dinners, talks and even ‘buka puasa’ events calling for the people to actually give money for them to continue lying.

We believe the donation will then be used to continue paying them to ‘manage the lies’, including paying the foreign lawyers, their travelling, lodging, entertainments and miscellaneous expenses. Their job is to keep on telling the people that Altantuya was the interpreter in the submarine transactions and that she had an affair with either Razak Baginda or Dato’ Seri Najib Razak.

Apart from that, they have to keep telling tales about how the company, DCNS, Thales and Perimekar somehow ditch some money right into Dato’ Seri Najib’s pocket. And from there, they need to go on saying that the French court has already opened a case file and that few people are going to be subpoenaed.

Never mind that the French court has made a statement that there was never a case in the first place as SUARAM’s complains were found to be baseless. Never mind that the French police confirmed that the late Altantuya had never entered France at the time the business took place. Never mind that the DCNS officers had laughed off the idea of having an interpreter since all transactions are done in English. And never mind that Perimekar’s audit report has proven that there were no fishy transactions in between and no money ever gone out of place.

All SUARAM needs to do is to keep the lie alive so that it can continue organizing events and call for donation. The donation is the only means to justify the money they spent and is going to continue spending.

To put an end to the lies, the very person who were directly involved in the transaction, Jasbir Singh Chahl agreed that his statement be taken and published. The New Straits Times had his story last Sunday.

Jasbir confirmed that there was never a puzzle to be solved in the purchase of scorpenes. There was never an issue and that SUARAM is breathing on lies. SUARAM would be dead if it stopped lying. And as for now, nobody buys their lies anymore, except themselves.

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