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BERITAScorpene Never Dies, Suaram Will

Scorpene Never Dies, Suaram Will

Suaram, though claiming to have had the government sweating and shivering of fear over their probe on scorpene scandal, continues to demonstrate their state of panic.

For weeks now, Malaysiakini, and other pro-Pakatan Rakyat’s media have been putting all their effort and focus on ‘getting Suaram out’ of the mess.

Unable to deny the fact that the so-called human rights organization did receive funds from NED, a neo-con related organization which is responsible for the ‘regime change’ operation in targeted countries, and OSI, an organization owned by George Soros, a rouge trader that provides support for the regime change operation as well as human-rights movement, mainly the rights of the LGBT, Suaram is finally forced to admit the fact.

Suaram’s may be last resort is to try to show the world that they do have the support from the people of Malaysian.

In order to do so, a candle light vigil was held on the 25th September by some unknown party claimed to be ‘a group of youths who have been participating in the Malaysian democratic movement for the past 10 years’ to gather as many Malaysians who are ‘outraged by the government’s persecution of Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM)’. Their slogan: ‘Scorpene Never Dies’.

Of course, Suaram denied of any involvement in it, especially when only about a hundred Malaysians turned up including a few PR leaders, namely, Subang Jaya MP, Sivarasa.

What interesting is that, suddenly there is not so much about ‘Scorpene’ or ‘Altantuya’ anymore, but it is about ‘there’s nothing wrong with receiving funds from foreign organizations known to be the mastermind of the instability, coup and fall of many countries across the globe’ and that ‘there’s nothing wrong with receiving funds from foreign organization known to be owned by the very person who almost bankrupted the whole region and caused misery and sufferings to millions of people’.

Note that these are Suaram’s main point of defense. And these points are being repeated by Malaysiakini and pro-PR media and also during the candle light vigil event.

So, this is the hero, the savior of the people? Suaram? The human rights champion?

Malaysians should all stand up and tell Suaram to first question its funders about the rights of the people in the countries that they have destroyed, before poking its dirty nose inside an empty submarine for the sake of whoever’s rights.

Remember how Soros had created chaos in the Asian region that eventually led to bloody reformation movement in Indonesia? And hundreds of suicide cases around the neighboring countries due to stock-market plunged? And how many Egyptians, Libyans and Syrians died as NED’s regime change operation reached its full speed? And how their lives have changed for the worse overnight?

So, tell us, how is it okay for Suaram to receive blood money in the name of human rights, from the people who have robbed the rights of others?

By right, Suaram should be the one attacking NED and OSI instead of working for them. It’s just like they give the order but Suaram is the one who does the killing. So, Suaram is just as guilty as they are. No wonder it is in the state of panic.

In the effort to hide its defeat and panic, Suaram gives one last hope to the naïves, saying that the French judiciary will be calling witnesses to a judicial inquiry over the Scorpene submarine scandal “very soon”. This was Cynthia Gabriel, Suaram’s secretariate promise to its ‘believers’ as quoted by Malaysiakini.

Well, one can never be too naive but only too stupid to continue to believe in Suaram. Either that, or he must be one hard-core hater of the government who does not care anymore about what’s right and what’s wrong and would support anything, anybody and any party that can bring the government down.

But as we can see from the facebook created especially for the candle light vigil, there are only about 300 of these haters in Malaysia.

This is a proof that the NED and OSI’s investment in Suaram have not paid off. It’s true that Scorpene never dies, but Suaram will eventually, sink and die.



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