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Scorpene: The People Demand the Whole Truth From SUARAM @SUARAMtweets

suaram auta

suaram auta

The scorpene submarines issue seems to refuse to submerge even when the whole truth is out. The one thing about ‘the truth’ is that whenever people ask ‘what is the truth?’, it automatically creates a ‘perception of lies’.

So how do we decide what is ‘the truth’ when it is folded under the ‘perception of lies’?

One thing we know about ‘the truth’ is that it doesn’t change. It is intact and consistent no matter what words or language you use or how you describe it.

And this is what happen in what is called the ‘scorpene scandal’ where the statements from Malaysian police, the Malaysian court, the convicts, the Malaysian government, the Malaysian Prime Minister, the French Court, the French Police, the French Foreign Affairs Ministry, the officers of DCNS and now the Architect, as well as the Audit Report of Perimekar – have all fits perfectly with not a single word is out of the way.

The French police confirmed that Altantuya had never entered France during the transaction period. All the money that changed hands were recorded and audited. Every single party’s involvement are clarified and justified. The French Court has also confirmed that there was never any case and that they have rejected SUARAM’s complaints right from the very beginning.

To add cement to the concrete truth, Anwar’s lawyer at the time Zulkifly Nordin who was also the lawyer of the convict in Altantuya’s murder case had come clean about how he was asked by Anwar Ibrahim to force the accused to plant Dato’ Seri Najib in the murder. But his client refused to drag an innocent PM into the mess and so based on Zulkifly’s own investigation he found perfect alibis for Dato’ Seri Najib and denied Anwar’s order.

And that was where he reached the point and leave Anwar for good.

Still SUARAM indirectly claim that the Malaysian court and police have covered things up for the government. Fine. But what about the others? The authorities and government of France? Why would they all help cover-up a bribery that ended up in murder? Is SUARAM saying that they have been bribed too?

And why would a convict not save himself by indicting the PM instead?

The only logical answer is that the Prime Minister has nothing to do with the late Altantuya, which also means that he has nothing to do with any bribe. The stories are consistent so this, is the truth.

In SUARAM’s latest effort to rebut the truth, it demands Jasbir Singh Chahl, who had come in the open to repeat the same truth in NST last Sunday, to again, tell the truth!

But as far as Malaysians are concerned, the truth is vivid. In fact, the truth is almost disturbingly a little too clear that even the enemy can now see the detail specifications of the submarines – thanks to SUARAM.

Since SUARAM insists that Jasbir and everybody else didn’t tell the truth, then where else can we seek truth but from from SUARAM itself.

Therefore, we hereby demand SUARAM to tell the whole truth as according to its own statements so far. For that, we need SUARAM to answer a few questions:

1. Why does SUARAM play down on Jasbir’s significance in the ‘case’ now, when an article in Suara Keadilan in 2012, stated that Jasbir, Bala and Dr. Setev are among credible witnesses listed by SUARAM for the scorpene scandal?

2. Why did SUARAM announce Jasbir’s name as one of the first to have received the subpoena? As far as Malaysians can remember Jasbir denied receiving any subpoena almost as soon as the news about it was out.

3. Why does SUARAM insist that the French court is investigating the case when the court actually dismissed the complaint? If the case is ongoing and subpoenas to be served soon (since a year ago), why haven’t they been served?

4. What is the exact amount of the bribe and into whose bank account did it go and from which bank account did it come from? This is because SUARAM keeps quoting different figures and different company every time. (Terasasi, Thales, DCNS, Perimekar, etc.)

5. Why Altantuya only met Razak Baginda after the transaction was done if she was the Interpreter and involved somehow in the deals that made her think that she was entitled for the commission?

6. Why was Altantuya never set foot in France during the time of the transactions if she was involved in it?

7. Why does SUARAM claim Altantuya to be the Interpreter when the whole transactions were done in English and need no Interpreter?

8. Why in the latest statement, SUARAM suddenly ‘reluctant’ to admit to have referred to Altantuya as the Interpreter? Here’s an extract from a Malaysian Insider’s article some months ago:

“Chua singled out Document 136, which was translated from French, which details the interview between the French police and DCNS’ financial controller, Gerard-Philippe Menayas.

The document, distributed to the media today, was of Menayas’ explanation to the police of how the firm had to use other associate companies to make payments to Abdul Razak’s Terasasi.

Even more notable from the document, said Chua, was Menayas’ clear mention of Altantuya as Abdul Razak’s “interpreter”.

9. If Altantuya was not an Interpreter as SUARAM suddenly agrees now, and that she was not involved in the transaction, how does the story of the murder and the bribe connect? Or is it not connected anymore? Which is the truth?

By denying the truth told by others, SUARAM is indirectly saying that they know the whole truth all along. It would be funny for the person who knows the truth but keep harping on others to tell the truth, right?

So, SUARAM needs to tell its story by answering the questions above. There is no need to ask Jasbir to do so as SUARAM clearly knows more than Jasbir or most probably knows better than the late Altantuya (R.I.P).

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