#SSYBN : Selangor Government Protects Criminal Like Rafizi Ramli – @Khalid_Ibrahim : #pakdin.my

Selangor state government which is led by Chief Minister, Khalid Ibrahim officially agreed to cover all the legal fees for Rafizi Ramli who is charged under Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (BAFIA).

Rafizi who is also PKR’s Strategy Director is responsible for leaking and manipulating data and account details of NFC during the RM250 million loan issue.

Due to the controversy, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil had to resign as the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development.

Shahrizat however was confirmed to be clear from any claims after the result of RMP’s investigation showed that she did not break any law neither was she involved in any corruption case nor power abuse in the issue.

Khalid’s intention may be noble, to provide fund worth RM500,000 to give back to Rafizi for all of his ‘contributions’ who managed to turn this issue into their propaganda that it managed to tarnish the image of Shahrizat Abdul Jalil as a popular female leader in this country.

But, all of the charges faced by Rafizi under BAFIA is not just any small matter like what was said by the opposition, this issue involves the matter of integrity and honesty which needs to be defended by the banking institution.

At the same time, BAFIA act is important in defending the privacy of account holders especially for those who needs to protect their account from being manipulated by irresponsible people.

Malaysia is not the only country which implements BAFIA. Almost every other countries around the world implements the same act with the same objective – to protect the integrity of banking institutions and to protect the privacy of customers.

Rafizi is not an agent who is appointed by any authority to run a legal investigation and he was not given any privilege to reveal any of the account details on any individuals nor companies.

In short, what Rafizi has done is not noble. Instead, he had broken the law and this should not be followed by anyone.

If the crime of ‘whistle blowing’ is turned to a routine or culture due to Selangor government’s actions in protecting Rafizi against the charge, this would provide heavy negative impact towards banking institutions in the future.

Thus, Khalid Ibrahim should really think before coming to the decision of funding criminals like Rafizi. Those money should be used for the benefit of rakyat, not to defend criminals.