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GAYA HIDUPAGAMASeminar Nusantara (18-20 Jan. 2013): Rohingya Issue To Lead Islamic Thinking

Seminar Nusantara (18-20 Jan. 2013): Rohingya Issue To Lead Islamic Thinking

rohingya“Seminar Nusantara – Islam di Asia Tenggara, Harapan dan Cabaran” (Islam In Southeast Asia, Hope And Challenges) which was held for three days, came to a close yesterday. The seminar which was organized by Generasi Bestari, MyKmu and Felda is the continuity from government’s effort towards opening the minds of Muslims in Malaysia as well as Muslims around the world, in facing pressure and ‘attacks’ from various sides, including from Muslims themselves.

Previously, Ulama around the country met together during the Fiqh Mentaati Pemimpin seminar, and later, Ulama from West Asia were invited for the same reason. All of the seminars managed to convey important messages for Muslims.

A mutual agreement can be seen from all presenters during the Nusantara seminar where they afree on the fact that being loyal to leaders, and being united could lead towards stronger ummah. Lack of knowledge would be the main reason why ummah begin to break which would then lead to the fall of Islam.

Educated Muslims would understand that implementing Islamic laws would not guarantee ummah’s strength, even putting it as the main focus would be the reason towards negative impact. In short, Muslims should not focus more on Fardu Ain, putting aside Fardu Kifayah. Instead, both those criteria should work together in balance.

A presenter on a paper entitled “Islam in Indochina: Muslims’ Hope And Challenges in Myanmar”, Mohd Mohiyuddin b Mohd Sulaiman, an Islamic researcher in Myanmar, UiTM, suggested that the Jews’ role in destroying Islam and Muslim is not just mere imagination or illogical paranoia, proving that the message given by Allah which is conveyed through the Quran is true.

To understand the situation of ethnic cleansing in Rohingya, Hj. Mohiyuddin suggested that we should look back at the relationship between the Jews and the country. Rohingya Muslims do not have anywhere to go as their citizenship has been denied by the government of the country. The ethnic received heavy pressure from Buddhist monks who do not like their presence. The conflict began with a false claim made against the ethnic from Buddhists saying that three Rohingya men had raped a Buddhist woman. Even though medical report denied the claim and pictures showed that one of the suspects had tattoo, another evidence that he is not a Muslim, the story still spread around through alternative media and social networks that things are no longer in control.

From there, mosques and Muslim homes were burnt to the ground and further actions led to the ethnic cleansing.

The same modus operandi, religious extremists (in this context, the Buddhist), fight due to religion, and the role of the internet in spreading stories, reminds us to the standart modus opperandi for a ‘regime change’ which is led by the Jews.

Many are not aware on the close relationship between Myanmar and Jews which began since the country gain its Independence back in 1948.

Until now, Myanmar and Israel has witnessed around 20 Ambassadors as representatives to both countries. U Nu was Myanmar’s first Prime Minister who made an official visit to David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister in 1955 and David came to Myanmar in 1961 and the visit was described as ‘the longest official visit in a foreign country’ (two weeks) where he studied Buddhism). Few other Israel representatives who visited Myanmar include President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Foreign Minister, Moshe Sharett, Golda Meir, Abba Eban, Moshe Dayan and Shimon Peres.

Social development in Myanmar was built based on Israel’s model such as health, farming etc. Thousands of students from Myanmar received their state training and scholarship to further their studies in Israel.

Despite that, the close ties between the two countries, which exceeds diplomatic ties, are kept underground, with both sides denying their relationship.

However, few intelligence which was gained and exposed by a few sides showed how both the countries often help one another in terms of military trainings. In 1954, Myanmar visited Israel for a military training and to study defence structure, The visit a year after that, showed Prime Minister U Nu ‘bringing back’ the idea to build four villages, following Israel’s kibbutz system. From there, Myanmar began to established a militia which operates under the same system which is used by Israel where it is complete with women soldiers, defence institute and trading organization which was managed by Tatmadaw as additional financial powerhouses on the country’s official defence fund.

As expected, linking the issue of Rohingya with Israel is something impossible. However, what was said by Dr. Aye Maung, a Parliament member and Chairman of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party in an interview with Venus News Journal on June 14, 2012, could give us a little picture in the crisis where, ““Rakhine should be built like how Israel was developed. This is what people of Rakhine want and they want to chase out Rohingya Muslims away from the area.”

Things get sadder for Rohingya Muslims as Aung Suu Kyi, a person who is taken as a true human rights fighter, do not have any certain answer on their fate. When asked by a student from one of the universities in Thailand during her visit to Harvard Kennedy School a while back, Suu Kyi stuttered for a while before giving a general answer where both sides went against human rights and she refused to show any support to any sides. That is why, Suu Kyi’s sincerity in this matter becomes a question, does she sees human rights as something selective?

Looking at the update, what was presented on the paperwork regarding Myanmar should wake Muslims from their slumber to prepare themselves from being victims of the Jews’ strategy in taking over the world and to destroy Islam.

If we do want Islam to gain its strength, please stop thinking that it can only be achieved by sentencing one another. The only way to get stronger is by making sure that we always look out for knowledge so that we would not end up destroying one another.



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