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Shameful Raya tapau-ing

Raya Open House Tapau

Raya Open House Tapau

SIBU: The United Chinese Association (UCA) Sibu will meet to discuss the unwarranted behaviour of some women who came with containers to take away food served at Hari Raya open houses.

Its president Ting Huat Chie told The Star that UCA strongly criticised these women for abusing the goodwill and hospitality of their hosts.

“This is a shameful act and not acceptable in our culture,” Ting said, adding that he believed most of these people were educated and from quite well-off families.

He disclosed that some were grandmothers who brought along their grandchildren.

“They bring along plastic bags and food containers to pack the food in full sight of all those present. I don’t understand why they have no shame in doing so when the food is meant for everyone.”

It is understood that some just ignored the kind reminders from the hosts who advised them not to do so.

“This certainly creates a very bad impression of our community. This bad practice should be stopped immediately,” Ting said.

A secretary of a local Chinese organisation also condemned the actions of these women.

“Good manners and being respectful to others are taught and observed for countless generations. I am really ashamed of these people,” said the secretary surnamed Lau.

He said he was aware that some of these women were members of some local non-governmental organisations.

“Some are our own members. We have brought up this matter many times in the meetings but unfortunately they continue to behave like this.”

He said such bad behaviour also happened during other functions and celebrations.

Pelawan assemblyman David Wong highlighted the matter on his Facebook page after he was informed that some people came with containers to take away food at an open house at Kampung Datu.

“This open house is a special thanksgiving event for the public, especially those who had donated in cash or kind or helped in one way or another the fire victims of Kampung Datu.

“This is very disrespectful of them to act in such selfish manner,” Wong posted.

Commenting on Wong’s note, Pujut assemblyman Fong Pau Teck said the press and social media should expose the identities of these people so that they would reflect on their shameful acts.

Businessman Angy Ng Sie Liung described them as selfish and greedy.

“They also have no culture and no manners. I believe it is our responsibility — the individual and various Chinese associations — to educate and change their mindset.”

He said the associations could immediately start an awareness campaign on building good manners, good character and how to be more civic-minded.

“If we are a more cultured person, each of us should influence and help those around us to become better persons.”

Meanwhile, a Malay community leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he was puzzled by the actions of the people who took away the food.

“I believe they are not poor. It may be just bad habit. Their actions do annoy me but I prefer not to stop them directly because we do not want anything to spoil our happy Raya mood.”

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