“Singapore DAP” Teaches Anwar’s Cyber Troopers #pakdin.my

anwar-cyber-trooperThe ‘cyber war’ is getting more and more ferocious with various platforms which are used.

As for for, whoever controls all those mediums or platforms, they are the ones who gets to beat their enemy. The opposition has always been known for their dirty strategy in the ‘cyber war’ even before GE12, even though during that era people still do not really use the cyber world to gain information.

The usage of blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Friendster for example are heavily used and each of those platforms have their own users where they would even update their site often in order to cater to this high-tech era.

The numbers of internet readers have increased, billions in number, even in Malaysia, Facebook users are more than 9 million people.

Prior to GE12, the opposition ruled the cyber war, and now, BN’s cyber troopers has began to gain control of the cyber world and readers have begun to look out for the truth instead of accusations.

Readers are smart in knowing the difference between the truth and lie. This matter has caused the opposition to take a drastic measure by adding more of their troopers and getting training services from outside of Malaysia. It is rumored that the opposition is beginning to import trainers from our neighbouring country, Singapore who is said to be more advanced and that they have achieved success during their last election.

Even though the ruling party won and lost only a few unexpected seats, but the tactics which they used did help them to win especially when their ‘guerilla war’ is focused in urban areas instead of villages.

The majority of internet readers are from cities as they could get easy access to the internet through wide coverage from their broadbands as well as high-speed internet access. Those are all the important criteria to ensure that all news can be spread as soon as possible.

It seems that the opposition is very desperate because they had to seek for ‘expert’ help from Singapore to manage their cyber troopers from time to time. Perhaps this is DAP’s idea because it is also rumored that DAP has opened an office in Singapore.

Lim Guan Eng is said to have opened a DAP office in Singapore so that it would be easier to “attack BN” from there. The latest issue regarding Scorpene where the french lawyers held a meeting to the leadership as well as their cyber troopers was held there.

They are going with this method because they think that Malaysian law does not have any jurisdiction in other countries. Especially when cyber laws are different in each countries.

The question which rise here is that what is the real plan for the Opposition if they do win the GE13?

– Would Singapore be part of Malaysia again?

– What is the strategy on the number of parliamentary seats for Singaporean Chinese? Would it lessen up Malay seats and that it would give advantage to DAP which hopes to have the next Prime Minister from their party?

– Lee Kuan Yew once said, before he dies, he would want to be Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

If Singapore is great when it comes to ‘cyber war’. why does the PAP party led by Lee Kuan Yew fall? Even worse, why pay Malaysian trainers to teach them how to blog?

Anwar is seen to be too desperate in wanting to maintain the relationship with Singapore, a source said that Anwar had to because most of his moral issues (secrets) are in the hands of Singapore’s intelligence. Is there elements of blackmail given against Anwar that the ‘Singaporean team’ are free to manage his GE13 troopers?