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BERITASingapore Is Getting Rude

Singapore Is Getting Rude

If we are to see Singapore as a human, then it would be the worst human in the world. The history of the country began when they got out of Malaysia, showing that the country was formed on the base of treachery, arrogance, racist and selfish. Due to that, Singapore often gets paranoid when it comes to matters that has to do with Malaysia.

This paranoia is one of the reasons why they often trespass through Malaysian airspace. Not that we do not know that their agents are often around getting information and observing movements and activities about this country. Even though Malaysia often welcome them to work together and show tolerance in handling both of these nations’ issues such as water supply, airspace or even the issue of crooked bridge, but Malaysia’s good intention often ended up with Singapore kicking back at us.

Now, Singapore is getting even more rude when they began to show interest in the political issues in this country. This is done by sneaking into activities that are done by the opposition in hoping to bring down the government. Few of them include sending their representatives to Bersih 3.0, and Himpunan Hijau which objects Lynas. Their agents did not go to those places to watch, but they join the demonstrations to tarnish our image and to sabotage this nation’s economy.

The worst pare is when few of the agents that were to sent to these demonstration were not regular people, they were diplomats of Singapore such as :

1. Regina LOW Kay Yin (, First Secretary (Political) who actually wore the Bersih 3.0 official t-shirt

2. Philomena AW Li Fen (, First Secretary (Political).

3. Ariel Eunice TAN Hwi Tiang (, Deputy High Commissioner and Counsellor.

For a country that describes itself as a developed nation, this uncivilized manner, not respecting their neighbor really showed how rude they are.

So, there is no surprise why Singapore is called as the Asian Jew because of their attitude. If we are to see why Jews were pushed out for more than 70 times around the globe, you would find out that generally, (although not all) are famous with the attitude of being rude, arrogant and selfish.

Lee Kwan Yew in his book “From Third World to First: The Singapore Story 1965-2000” mentioned that Singapore’s military system was formed by Israeli troops. He wrote,”Israel’s military mission that was led by Yaakov (Jack) Elazari, as the Colonel back then, then appointed as Brigadier General. After leaving the army, he became the Advisor for Singapore Army.”

The close relationship between Singapore and Israel somewhat explained why Singapore is never pleased with Malaysia as an Islamic nation that is constantly moving forward, to be its neighbor.

Recently, it was leaked that Singapore wants to ‘intervine’ with the election process of this country. This is done by training a few of their representatives to join the election for the purpose of bringing the government down to be led by their trainees which is DAP, with the help from two of their mules, PAS and PKR.

As a nemesis, it is not impossible that Singapore has a much bigger plan for Malaysia. Joining demonstrations and elections would be their Plan A. Thus, let’s not put aside the fact that they might have drawn their Plan B to keep on trying to rule Malaysia of Plan A fails.

Previously, Wikileaks revealed how Singapore’s leader insulted and mocked almost all of world leaders via a private conversation which was recorded. Despite that, they were not even embarrassed, or even apologize.

What is certain, Lee Kwan Yew would be proud of seeing how his country is actually the rudest country in the world, even his diplomats.

We hope that the government would take the right initiative in facing threats from our neighbouring country. We hope that rakyat are able to open their eyes in choosing the right party. Either choose the party that is assisted by Singapore, or choose the party that defends our religion, race and the country.



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