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BERITAENGLISHSoldiers And Police New Salary - A Slap For Opposition

Soldiers And Police New Salary – A Slap For Opposition

Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ketika bertemu dengan pasukan keselamatan negara di Komtek Sahabat 16 Batalion 17 Pasukan Gerakan Am (PGA) yang siap sedia berjuang dalam Op Daulat di sini, KhamisNo matter how peaceful any country is, its police and army should be given priority. This is because ensuring peace should not just be responsibilities of leaders.

Crime and terrorist threats from inside and outside of the country is not something which we can predict such as making national budget etc. Thus, planning as well as security and defence measures should be made to prepare for the worst scenario.

That is why, the matter of purchasing the best fire power and defence tools should never be questioned by anyone.

We are saddened when the opposition often question the purchase of defence gadgets as issue. They even seem intentionally ask the government to reveal the details on our defence and security mechanisms.

A few of their statements is seen as dangerous for the country, especially when they question the use or the weakness of our defence gears.

Not just that, the opposition even often tell rakyat to hate the police. They would often talk about crime issues but whenever police managed to achieve success, they would not say anything about it. In most cases, the police is seen as evil and criminals are often protected by the opposition, especially when it comes to ‘their people’.

Even as the country is invaded, and it sovereignty under threat, the opposition still chooses to hate the security force.

If this is not treason, then what is it?

So, it is not surprising when it is revealed that the opposition has something to do with these terrorists coming into this country.

However, we should be grateful because as the opposition insults the families of our fallen heroes who died in Lahad Datu and Semporna, Barisan Nasional government acknowledged their sacrifice for the country. Promotion is given to those who died, to appreciate their sacrifice, as well as helping their family to live on through the incentives.

Moreover, all the security force are able to enjoy the same salary adjustment as other civil servants as announced by the Prime Minister today. We hope that this would motivate them to keep on protecting this country from any threat.

Let’s put aside all the insults thrown by the opposition. They are the scums, not our security force. The proof, the one who kept on insulting the police, Tian Chua, had to eat his own words when he asked help from the police to safe him from being assaulted by rakyat who love their country in one of his ceramah.

The opposition is now getting a huge slap on their face when their evil strategy is hitting them. Rakyat now sees how hard it is to protect the country.

Rakyat also sees how dirty the opposition is when they put their country at risk, gambles with lives of rakyat, causing the death of our security officers only to insult their death…

If the opposition is not the devil, then what are they?



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