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BERITANASIONAL#SSYBN : Selangor Government Must Explain Why Land For School Converted To...

#SSYBN : Selangor Government Must Explain Why Land For School Converted To Industry @zinmohamed

The Selangor government must explain the status of land in Putra Perdana, Puchong that will be developed as industrial area although the original plan was for a school complex.

Selangor Barisan Nasional coordinator Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed said the land is important for construction of a primary school and religious school for residents of Putra Perdana.

“The original development plan has been changed recently and we want to know the reason why,” he told reporters after a visiting the land here on Friday.

It is understood that the Selangor government had acquired four plots of land at RM87.7 million from a company although 80 percent is under water.

Mohd Zin asked why the Selangor government paid RM57 million more than the original price adding the money wasted can be used to build 2,500 housing units for the poor.

“What is the real motive for paying the company such a high price for a lake that has to be filled up before it can be developed? he asked.

Meanwhile, Taman Putra Perdana Residents Association chairman Rushdan Mohamed said high density of students exceeding the quota allowed can be overcome with the construction of the school complex.

“We will lodge a police report and bring this matter to the attention of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC),” he added.



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