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hkr-himpunan-shamsidarFigures do matters with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) given the situation the opposition alliance is in, the leaders need figures to convince the eroding influence and dwindling support.

No matter what the photographs showed, the opposition just could not rest until they win the debate that the People’s Uprising Rally (HKR) on Saturday at Stadium Merdeka was attended by around 150,000.

Forget their target of one million attendees, forget what PAS deputy president Mat Sabu said that some 500,000 were marching to the stadium the morning before the event and forget what others said.

Their point, and this is to convince the ‘unintelligent public’ who are voters, through their mathematical calculations – not based on real and true photos and other realistic and true means – that PR still has the support just like the 2008 tsunami.

Forget their performances in the states they won the past four years, forget the fierce disagreements and vicious verbal spats between the leaders of the three parties on majority or most of the issues which in reality split members of the different parties.

Forget all that because leaders of the three opposition parties are ‘convinced’ that they have the numbers, they have the succeeded in their cheats and lies that the voting public believed in them.

The stark reality that is very bitter which showed crystal clear on Saturday is not ‘true’ to them as they live in their ‘make-believe’ world, just like not believing that the sun will rise from the East.

Living in their dream world and still believing in numbers they wanted to believe, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali announced the party would be focusing on members of the Armed Forces which number some 250,000.

A desperate act and struggling to stay afloat in the fast flowing political undercurrent that is sweeping away their support and influence, the opposition particularly PKR is grasping at any floating branch or stick.

Unlike PAS which has got loyal followers the past four decades and DAP which has got the chauvinists support, PKR is an empty shell that has only the leaders, like generals without soldiers.

Save for Anwar Ibrahim who the DAP wants to keep as a stooge, PKR itself is hanging on a thin rope that would snap anytime with nothing to cushion when it falls.

Not trusted by DAP and viewed suspiciously by PAS, PKR is in a very ‘ugly’ position as the party is considered as the weakest in the opposition alliance and the coming general election, PKR is facing the hardest problem to stay alive.

The stadium event is a total failure that will have a long term effect on the three parties, particularly PKR.

Thus, in short, PKR days are numbered and they are now very desperate, lying and cheating no longer work where the party now is like a worm in a heaty hole…wriggling trying to get out.

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