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POLITIK#BN4Malaysia - Struggle To Find Candidate: Signs Of Opposition's Defeat

#BN4Malaysia – Struggle To Find Candidate: Signs Of Opposition’s Defeat


As BN is getting motivated waiting for the coming election, opposition parties especially PKR seemed anxious. Their anxiety are getting more when their own Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim stated that he would retire if they lose in the coming GE, like what was published by newspaper Financial Times (FT).

How can PKR hope for a win if the suitable candidate are hard to find? According to reliable sources, PKR would compete for 66 seats for the coming GE13, with distributions as such:

Kedah – 7
Penang – 4
Perak – 9
Selangor – 11
Terengganu – 1
Kelantan – 3
Pahang – 4
Johor – 4
Melaka – 1
Negeri Sembilan – 2
Wilayah Persekutuan – 5
Sabah – 8
Sarawak  – 7

On the previous GE 2008, PKR managed to win 31 seats and gained multiple Malay votes.

But, it seems that PKR’s liberal approach is now causing trouble to the party in gaining votes from the Malays. Meanwhile, Chinese are more comfortable with DAP than PKR. As for the Indians, many are tired of being cheated with false hopes given by PKR. Thus, whether they like it or not, PKR would have to rely on votes from the Chinese for the GE13.

The same source mentioned that from 66 seats which they would compete, only 14 are from Malay candidates while 8 other candidates are from other races, which can be confirmed. 25 other seats are still in dilemma on which candidates should be in it. At least 5 seats suffered clash between PAS and DAP. At the same time, PKR do not even have any ‘candidate of choice’ either ‘possible candidates’ for 19 other seats.

This means that from 66 seats, only 22 can be confirmed while 44 others are still undecided. This shows how hard it is for PKR to find suitable candidates, not even to find those who are fit to win in facing the coming election.

What is worse is that even Anwar is said to be under dilemma whether to compete in Permatang Pauh or Nibong Tebal. Anwar is said to have realized that the support among Permatang Pauh to him is declining that they would not really come to his ceramah anymore.

With such weak Leader, PAS and DAP are also dragged into the issue. PAS previously imagined that they would compete with 80 seats instead of 67 seats on the previous GE. But, the hope of PAs in wanting to be the dominant party in Pakatan Rakyat Cabinet would definitely get sour welcome from DAP and PKR. And as usual, PAS would have to listen to whatever decision that are made by DAP and PKR.

If this happens, DAP then would become the dominant party with 89 seats for its party, compared to PKR’s 66 seats. This means that it would be easier for DAP to control and destroy rakyat if Pakatan Rakyat wins the next GE.

The fate of non-Chinese in Malaysia would be at risk if the country is under the leadership of DAP.

So, this scenario shows that this would be the brink of losing for Pakatan Rakyat.



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