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BERITASuaram Insulted Court of France #FitnahPR

Suaram Insulted Court of France #FitnahPR

Orang kuat di sebalik isu kapal selam : Pengrah Eksekutif SUARAM , Cynthia Gabriel (tengah) dan kanan, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, peguam cabang PKR, Lawyers for Liberty (LFL)

It seems that SUARAM and the opposition still insist on playing with the issue of Scorpene submarines even though their claims were answered.

It has been part of opposition’s culture where they would just stay deaf and keep on playing with their stories even if it is answered with concrete evidence. For example, for the issue of Datin Seri Rosmah’s ring, Dato’ Seri Najib shopping in Australia, up to the murder case of Altantuya and Scorpene, every single one of the issues were answered, with evidence.

As for this Scorpene case, SUARAM and the opposition went a ‘little further’ by using the name of a foreign court to ‘strenghten’ their argument. SUARAM also stated that this case is now being investigated and that they have the document showing that corruption really happen.

Saying as if the PM would be given subpoena to be dragged to Court of France. It got even worse when they linked the corruption case with the murder of a Mongolian model, Altantuya Sharibuu and linking the murder with the PM.

The opposition really seemed to be holding on the hope that ‘the bigger the lie, more people would believe the story’. They should know that things like that would eventually eat them up eventually.

The fact is, it is true that complaints on the corruption on the purchase of Scorpene subs from DCNS to Malaysia made by SUARAM to the court of France, And unlike Malaysia, where police or MACC are responsible in making investigation on corruption cases, in France, the court does all the investigation instead, under the orders made by the Judge.

In the 2 -3 year of the investigation, according to the Judges, Roger Le Loire and Serge Tournaire who are responsible for this case, those who are not involved in the case should not provide any comments and they can be charged with contempt to the court. And if the investigation need to have any statement from Malaysia, only Malaysian police have the rights to get statements those who need to make the statement, with the presence of court officials from France.

That is why there is not such thing like the PM would be given subpoena to head to Court of France.

If, the Judge found that they need to have a trial, they need to make an application to the High Court because only the High Court can tell whether the case can be tried or not.

It is clear that what is being done by SUARAM, saying that they are the proof and making comments, even formal statements to the media, is a serious contempt of court for the Court of France. So, officially, SUARAM should be charged if anyone make a complaint.

If we are to go in details of this case, we would find that there are no comments that came from DCNS, the company that is involved in the corruption in the business transaction of those submarines to Malaysia.

This is because DCNS is fully aware of the law in the country and they would avoid from making any comments.

Only SUARAM a.k.a Malaysian Opposition goes around telling people about this case. Why? Because election is near, that is it.



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