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POLITIKSUARAM Panicked Over Questions on Orion Strategies

SUARAM Panicked Over Questions on Orion Strategies

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The bribery scandal of scorpene submarines ‘sang’ by the Pakatan Rakyat has already been proven to be mere fiction as the French court clarified that SUARAM’s complaints was rejected since the very beginning for being baseless. SUARAM was also caught to be lying over the so-called list of people to subpoenas, the documents, and the involvement of an ‘interpreter’ in the transactions. Later, the French police had also confirmed that no one in the name of Altantuya Sharibuu ever entered France during the range of time that the transaction took place.

With the lies exposed, facts all jumbled up and inconsistencies in the stories and numbers involved, there is no doubt that SUARAM had made everything up. Which then, led us to a question: Since Altantuya’s death was real when nothing else is, could SUARAM be involved in her murder? This questions remains…

But there is no question that SUARAM has been compromised in every way to the extend that the NGO is forced to stand down. As SUARAM laid low, the NGO’s connection to George Soros through societies and organizations responsible for the ‘regime change missions’ throughout the world, was exposed. The fact is, SUARAM is being heavily funded by and through, Soros’s links and chains.

Just recently, another document that detailed out SUARAM’s briefing to the PKR top leaders on the 22nd May 2011 has also been exposed and spread all over the net. From the document, the agenda of this ‘scorpene-Altantuya’ fiction is clear, that is; to create a perception of a ‘great Malaysian robbery’, to go all out in helping PR win the 13th GE and to force the government to list out all the vendors and suppliers of the Ministry of Defence.

There is no doubt that SUARAM is not an independent organization but rather another arm of the Oppositions with direct connection and access to foreign funds. Although the NGO has been caught lying ‘big-time’, SUARAM refused to stay down as its mission is far from accomplished.

For that, SUARAM called for a Press Conference, just yesterday 23rd April 2013, to ‘re-live’ the closed case of scorpene and Altantuya. It couldn’t be a co-incident that SUARAM has to re-live the case during the election swings.

What might surprised SUARAM is that, their masters in the west may not be the only one who is good in ‘extracting’ classified information.

Through SUARAM’s own email that was ‘leaked’, all our suspicions and perceptions even allegations over SUARAM’s connection to Soros, and further up to the Israeli lobbyist or the Neo-Con Zionists, is hereby confirmed. With that, it confirmed the PKR or PR’s connection to the Zionists as well.

The leaked email that was first exposed by Free Malaysia Today, suggests that a company by the name, Orion Strategies has been soliciting meetings with U.S. Congressmen and Senators for Cynthia Gabriel, Director of SUARAM. The company appears to have been briefing American politicians about the prospect of post-election violence and unrest in Malaysia.

Orion Strategies headed by Randy Scheunemann, a former advisor to U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, represents numerous right-wing politicians in the U.S. and are also one of the fiercest defenders of the Israeli government. They are infamous for launching smear campaigns against American politicians deemed critical of the Jewish state.

Scheunemann earned notoriety for helping to establish the ‘Committee for the Liberation of Iraq’, which promoted the case for war in the U.S. media just prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 – a war that led to the deaths of 120,000 innocent Muslim civilians. More recently, Scheunemann helped establish the ‘Emergency Committee for Israel’, a lobbying outfit which has close links to the hard right of Israeli politics and the Likud government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Orion’s Vice President, Michael Goldfarb, even launched a smear campaign against President Barack Obama during his re-election campaign last year, accusing the President of hanging out with critics of Israel.

Gabriel sure didn’t see it coming when she was bombarded by the questions over the arrangement made by Orion for her to visit to Washington in March, obviously on a lobbying mission as stated in the email. She was due to travel with Ibrahim Suffian of Merdeka Center. By this, it also confirmed that Merdeka Center too, is just another arm of the Oppositions, just like we thought.

The trip, however, was postponed.

Gabriel was obviously panicked and probably wondering how did the information got out as she pulled the group of bloggers and webmasters into a corner to ensure that other reporters that came for the Press Conference would not hear of this. Well, they might not hear it, but I’m sure they have read about it by now.

We don’t have to be a genius to read ‘what’s next’ in SUARAM or Oppositions agenda. The mentioning of ‘prospect of post-election violence and unrest’ in SUARAM’s mail is enough to alert the people that BERSIH would come into action and be the one to create ‘violence and unrest’ should the PR lost the election, which we believe they would.

Therefore, we can only say one thing to SUARAM, you are done. It’s over. Though you may fool Soros out of his pocket to think that you are capable of to carry out the regime change mission, but you can’t fool us, the Malaysians. So stay down and don’t even think of looking up again.



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