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SUARAM:  The Whining Human Rights Watch-Dog?

Suaram ditaja dana asing
Suaram ditaja dana asing

SUARAM, has just sent a ‘whining’ letter to the American President to refute the President’s views on Malaysia as a global model for ‘diversity, tolerance and progress’.

SUARAM insisted in the letter that there are various defects and shortcomings under the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak that defy the President’s views. SUARAM had listed among others, the history of racism, religious extremism, corruption, electoral fraud and various other criminal activities as the reasons for Malaysia not deserving such acknowledgment.

SUARAM has also claimed that the government has committed serious human rights abuses for selectively deployed repressive legislation such as the Sedition Act 1948, the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 and the Penal Code in order to suppress protests against the election result by human rights defenders, opposition leaders and Malaysians from various religions.

To add to that, SUARAM had also pointed out that the government has been ‘demonizing the non-Malays’ (the Chinese) for voting the Oppositions. And of course, ‘Zahid’s shoot to kill’ statement was also mentioned in the ‘whining letter’.

The list could at any time be swapped with the Opposition’s attack points as it does not reflect a genuine effort to protect human rights. This, is nothing to be surprised of because majority of SUARAM’s leaders are also holding positions in the Opposition party.

Malaysians believe that President Obama will take SUARAM’s letter as nothing more than a whining from a spoilt brat who is way passed tantrums. BERSIH’s Ambiga once tried the same trick, pulling the shirt of an Australian’s MP whining with her best pitiful look for the Mat Salleh to come and spank our Prime Minister for not letting the Opposition wins the election.

Surely, the Mat Salleh of Australia knows better than to listen to the crap. The fact that the government had barely won the election had, in itself, proven that Malaysia is as democratic as any democratic country could be.

The fact is that, SUARAM is writing to the America on behalf of the ungrateful citizens of Malaysia who have had everything but insist that they have nothing.

Ever since Independence, the only life known to Malaysians is that it is the Chinese who controls the economy. Chinese discriminating other races in all aspects of economic activities has since become a part of life, which is not healthy. The Chinese becomes more and more arrogant and oppressing, while other races become more and more angry at them. All the emotions had led to May 13 1969 racial riot and finally to the bumi-rights policy.

So far, the bumi-rights policy has been proven to be the most effective way to tackle the problem of economic disparity among races. The bumiputeras no longer angry while the Chinese can continue to make money.

It is interesting to note that the spokesperson for SUARAM and the leader of BERSIH are Indians, not Chinese. Obviously, they don’t give much thought that their own race is also being discriminated by the Chinese in the private sectors as much as in the Chinese dominated opposition party, DAP.

Just in case President Obama didn’t know, DAP is now going through so much pressure for being accused by its own members to deliberately cheated and manipulated their party election in such a way, so that the Indian representatives were denied of their rights to vote. Not to mention that the party actually appointed a Chinese to represent the Malays in the party. That is the Opposition for you Mr. Obama, the same one crying of discrimination, racism and injustice against the government.

Yes, ‘race’ is a factor of everything in Malaysia today as we can see through the election result where 97% of the Chinese rejected the ruling party. Malaysia has always been very tolerant in giving all races a space in the cabinet so that their voice would be heard. The ruling party which is made of numbers of parties to represent every race and tribe has proven to be the best formula in maintaining stability and peace.

But the Chinese wants more power. Controlling the economy is not enough. They want to conquer everything. They cannot do that if the government keeps protecting and helping the less fortunate, the bumiputeras or the original settlers, in the long struggling effort to close the economic gap. So the Chinese rejected the ruling party for it, thus, lost their voice in the government.

Apparently, the government has had enough with them. It has come to the point of either giving in to that ‘one race’ or maintaining the stability of the country. Still, as a responsible government and in the spirit of tolerance, the cabinet posts were reserved for the race, which was rejected nonetheless.

Now, the Chinese are using SUARAM/Oppositions to complain to America that they are being demonized. For Mr. Obama’s information, Malaysia’s authority is currently having a hard time curbing the act of insulting, provoking, mocking and ridiculing the Malays and Islam by the Chinese youngsters through their social media networks. It is not hard to see that it is the same display of arrogance of May 13 1969 all over again.

The Oppositions have been working very hard to paint ugly pictures on Malaysia, with the help from SUARAM of course. For that, they would invite or provide foreign media with all sorts of news and pictures of demonstrations and peaceful rallies they held. So, there is no doubt that their voices are heard around the globe and yet none of them are being arrested.

Therefore, we believe Mr. Obama would be asking, what suppression or oppression is SUARAM talking about?

The fact that SUARAM had been caught lying and slandering the government and the Prime Minister with all sorts of stories is still alive and kicking and free to whine to the power that be, is, in itself, a statement of how tolerant Malaysian government is. With that, comes ‘diversity and progress’ which fits perfectly with Mr. Obama’s views on the country.

In conclusion, SUARAM is no human rights watchdog, it is just another one of the Oppositions’ dog.

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