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BERITA@SUARAM_INTL - UPDATE: DAP Received Bribe From Scorpene

@SUARAM_INTL – UPDATE: DAP Received Bribe From Scorpene

We are aware of how Pakatan Rakyat, through SUARAM had made a heavy accusation to the Malaysian Government and the Prime Minister that they were involved in corruption, and even murder, during the transaction of purchasing Scorpene submarines by the Defense Ministry.

To justify their accusation, SUARAM had linked the government and France’s legal system by saying that the case is on trial at the country and a few names, including the PM, would be given subpoena.

But, recently, SUARAM had taken the action of keeping themselves quiet when the government managed to prove that there is no trial involving any Malaysian politicians nor the government. Thus, no subpoena is going to be given to anyone. Even the french embassy in Malaysia was confused with SUARAM”s rudeness where they used the name of Judges, Court and even the French government just so that that could bring down Malaysian government.

Companies such as Thales and Terasasi had no involvement with the business transaction for Scorpene. Even Perimekar clearly not the one who receive any commission, but legitimate pay on their service in preparing places to stay, allowance, holiday tickets, training cost for officers, crews and staff and the management cost and coordination for six years.

French police then confirmed that SUARAM lied when the name Altantuya which was linked to the PM and Abdul Razak Baginda had never entered France when the transaction was on process.

Things get more interesting when SAUARAM was found to be registered as business organization and that they receive funds from some mystery entity which makes then the NGO who ‘fights for human rights’. That became doubtful, and up until now, SUARAM is still yet to explain the background of their establishment.

Whatever it is, everything is out, SUARAM now became passive and they are no longer agressive in handling issues.

From there, DAP began to take over by raising this issue which is now dying. For that, newspaper TheROCKET on July 15, 2012 published a flow chart showing the relationship between the government, PM and a few companies which were claimed to have received bribes during the purchase of the submarines. They are saying that the flow chart is a concrete evidence and rakyat should believe everything it says.

It is always easy to draw a flow chart with ‘explanations’ to create issues, accusations or just about anything, For example, the flow chart and the headline for the article itself. Anyone can accuse by writing article and creating the chronology and flow chart and push rakyat to believe in it.

Writer or anyone who plans for the PM’s political strategy could also create documents to show that DAP has its role in accusing the government and the PM for this Scorpene issue and that they receive finds from Singapore and CIA.

But not everyone are liars like DAP and SUARAM. The Malaysian government is a responsible government and it is often prepared to face the enemy (opposition) professionally.

The government do not need to accuse anyone to raise rakyat’s support/ As of for now, SUARAM, opposition’s tool, have failed. DAP, PKR and PAS themselves are facing various scandals with evidence and witnesses. There were even cases where the main witness for DAP’s corruption case was found dead where it made rakyat realize that DAP is not just corrupt, they are gangsters as well. And all of this is true, not made up by the government like how the opposition simply create the issue of Scorpene corruption.

We are well aware that the strategy to accuse without evidence is a culture for the opposition and it is eating them. The peak of it was when their ‘famous fiction writer’, Raja Petra Kamaruddin had to surrender after creating the spark towards the government in the Scorpene issue.

And now, it seems that SUARAM is giving up as well. The only one that is left would be DAP who really want to raise up the issue again. Hence, this raises question, is the flow chart just another one of their fantasy?






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