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POLITIKSUARAM's Devastated Over Bala's Premature Death

SUARAM’s Devastated Over Bala’s Premature Death

PI Bala

After hiding for quite a while after their lies were revealed, SUARAM once again came out to continue their unfinished mission, to use issue of Scorpene and Altantuya to bring down the government.

For that, all of the sudden, SUARAM Director, Cynthia Gabriel, made a press conference on April 23 just to re-live this issue.

Generally, most rakyat are aware that Scorpene issue has been proven as no issue when French Court made the statement saying that SUARAM’s complaint was rejected as it was baseless. However, even though there was no case, SUARAM kept on lying by fabricating the stories about subpoenas and evidence documents.

When scorpene issue was proven to have been fabricated to tarnish the government’s image, automatically, Altantuya’s murder became a huge question. If SUARAM fabricated the story about corruption on the submarines to ruin the government, obviously they might have been involved in Altantuya’s murder to strengthen their fabricated story.

Whatever it is, we do not have to be as low as SUARAM, making allegations without any evidence. Lets just leave this matter to the court and police to decide.

The important thing here is for us to read SUARAM’s next move. From the press conference SUARAM made, it was clear in Cynthia;s face that she seem regretful over the early death of private investigator, Balasubramaniam, before they even get to fight. Before this, Bala was said to have been directly involved as the ‘middleman’ in scorpene’s corruption case as well as Altantuya’s murder and he fled outside of Malaysia. Bala’s ‘disappearance’ was claimed by SUARAM/opposition to have been paid by the government, particularly, the First Lady, to cover his involvement in the case.

However, the allegation did not even follow the ‘story’ because Bala decided to tarnish the government’s image, especially Prime Minister and wife. There is no way Bala would criticize the government if the government was the one which paid him.

As he got back to Malaysia a few months prior to his death shows who has been ‘funding’ him while he was outside of Malaysia, the opposition. This is because, he went back with preparation to criticize the Prime Minister and government through the same issue, after SUARAM failed to do so.

However, god ‘loves’ Bala, and He took him before Bala get to perform bad orders given by SUARAM/opposition. That is why, SUARAM is sad over his death.

In their desperate and critical situation, it is hard for SUARAM to change their script. The very same script need to be used to continue their mission to bring down the government. There has been too many inconsistencies in SUARAM’s story, and Bala was their last hope to ‘finalize’ their script. That is why with Bala’s death, their easiest replacement is of course Bala’s wife.

Now, Bala’s wife is being prepped to play the character of a victim. She will be featured aggressively on the final days before election. We do not know how far can she keep up with the play, but this might be tough for her after all, considering that she still seem unprepared.

Do not be shocked over the things which SUARAM is capable of doing to bring the issue of Altantuya back to life as they failed to bring Bala to life.

Whatever it is, we are convinced that Malaysians will not be fooled by SUARAM. Thus, let SUARAM stage any of their plays. Let them spend all of their masters’ money. Lets just wait and see, when would their masters realize that SUARAM is a useless agent.



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