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Suddenly, ‘Father’ is Not the Christian’s God?

Keep Father & Son in the Bible

Keep Father & Son in the Bible

In the name of Allah SWT, may what is written be beneficial to those who read…

Christians and Islam are two religions that are said to be so close, yet so far in terms of history and belief.   What set the two religions farthest apart is the ‘God’ of which they referred to. 

The holy book of Islam, the Al-Quran, has stated that there is only one God is Islam, that is Allah the Almighty, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, Who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him.  

“God has not taken to Himself any son, nor is there any god with Him: For then each god would have taken of that which he created and some of them would have risen up over others.” (23:91)

For Muslims, ‘God’ is not mere concept or an ideology that can be discussed or debated, what more changed.   ‘Allah SWT’ is not even a name given or created by human, but is what is mentioned in the Al-Quran.  And again, Al-Quran is not mere words from human but is a direct message from God that must be protected and will be protected, till the end of time.  This, is a promise from Allah SWT, as stated in the Al-Quran.

Christians, however have been struggling to define the concept of God right from the very beginning. Only in the 4th century A.D, that the Christians finally settled on the idea of trinity. The Roman Church then officially decreed the following points as being necessary for all Christians to believe:

There are said to be three divine persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit:

(1) Each of these separate persons is said to be eternal, none coming before or after the other in time. 
(2) Each is said to be almighty, with none greater or lesser than the other. 
(3) Each is said to be 
omniscient, knowing all things. 
(4) Each is said to be 
true God. 
(5) However, it is said that 
there are not three Gods but only one God.

Still, the Christian’s God has a son. 

Ever since, God is portrayed as ‘Father’ in the Bibles.  Most English Bibles have translated God’s only personal name as “LORD” over 6000 times.   In Hebrew, God is also referred to as Jehovah or Yahweh.   In the Arabs world, however, it is common to hear that God in all other religions is also translated as ‘Allah’ because the ‘name’ has been taken as a ‘word’.  

Therefore, ‘Allah’ is Arab may just referred to the word ‘God’ but not necessarily to the Muslim’s God.    This, is however, only confined to the Arab speaking countries, where the Al-Quran was first ‘delivered’ and where the three largest monotheistic faiths begun – Islam, Christianity and Judaism. 

So, basically, since the 4th Century A.D, this is what is accepted by the world, thata is ‘Allah’ has always been exclusively referred to the Muslim’s One and Only Almighty God. 

No one seems to have any problem with that – until recently. 

Today, all of the sudden, the Christians Federation of Malaysia, found that the word ‘Father’ is not good enough to be used to refer to their God anymore.  Suddenly, the Christians in Malaysia found that they need to give Jesus’s father a name and they want it to be the Muslim’s God’s name. 

Why the Muslim’s God’s name?  Why not some Hindu God or Buddhist God instead, since they also claimed that we all are actually worshipping the same God?

But Muslim’s God, Allah SWT, has no son, unlike the Christian’s God.  While the Hindus have many Gods and one of them have many arms.  So, who knows how many arms the Christian’s God have? 

The point is, all these religions do not worship the same God and to fight for the same name for some of the Gods or two of the Gods, is just incomprehensible. 

Moreover, Christians have always taken the Muslims as their greatest enemy.   There were many attempts made by the Christians to insult, provoke and challenge the Muslims by purposely mocking the name ‘Allah’.  The name was found to be printed on shoes, and other disgracing things or places just for the ‘fun’ of it. 

Even in Malaysia, lately, there are people, most probably Christians, who are angry with the court’s favouring the Muslims in the ‘Allah’s issue’, who purposely use the word to incite anger in the Muslims.  In the social media today, we can see individuals using the word ‘Allah’ in obscene ways just for the ‘satisfaction’ of it. 

So, why would anybody want to use the name that they hated so much?  Why would the Christians insists of using the name ‘Allah’ when they despise the Muslims so much?   

Would the church segregation in Sabah or Sarawak be less Christian if they continue to use the word ‘Father’?  Would they not be confused if the word ‘Allah’ is used to replace ‘Father’? 

And what is wrong with the word ‘Father’ or ‘Lord’?  Are the names not good anymore?  Has it passed its validity period or the Christians in Malaysia just find it boring and need a change?  Or is it the whole concept of trinity in Christianity has just changed again? 

We know that the answer is none of the above.  The only reason the Christians in Malaysia are so ‘hard-up’ for the name ‘Allah’ is that they tend to confuse the young and ignorant Muslims into converting to Christians.  Till recently, I didn’t know that ‘tricks’ and ‘lies’ are parts of Christian’s teachings.   I always thought that all religions teach us to be true and to say no lies.

Maybe, just maybe, the Christians in Malaysia are not subjected to the Roman Church Decree, but to politicians instead. 

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