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BERITAENGLISHSupport For Najib Means Supporting Every BN Candidates #GE13 #Najib4PM #Vote4BN

Support For Najib Means Supporting Every BN Candidates #GE13 #Najib4PM #Vote4BN

Najib-BNAs General Election draws closer, the opposition will keep on trying to tell rakyat that changing the government is not something they should be scared of because any parties will work hard for the sake of rakyat, And at the same time, the opposition kept on claiming that Barisan Nasional is not a good party, while their party is the best.

Fact is, changing the government is not a small thing where things can be changed just like that. If we are to change the government, a few policies will be changed as well, and changing policies are challenging. Especially if the new government took early measures to abolish or change all platforms to make it tough for the policies to go back to its original state.

Just look at how Egypt President, Morsi who gain power from rebels now has to arrange new law and procedures to eliminate any chance for anyone from bringing him down through the same manner, including arresting anyone who criticizes him.

The thing which is happening in Egypt could happen to Malaysia, people might get easily fooled by those who wishes to take over the government, but they ended up getting a worse government.

Malaysia is still a ‘fragile’ country and just like Egypt, it’s still ‘young’. That is why changing the government is still risky.

This is because, we not just face the risk of instability because of being led by three dictators from three different parties which different principals, we also face the possibility of the elimination of the whole system and the culture of the original race of this country as the abolishment of Malay rulers might be implemented by DAP.

We also might face the risk of losing sovereignty if we are to consider the foreign help applied and given by Zionist channels to PKR.

We also would have to live with regime just as same as Taliban, undeveloped, chauvinist, cruel, unfair and conservative if we are to look at PAS’ mentality where they can ignore if their members are involved in scandals involving women, and at the same time do not have any openness towards women’s rights.

With all these risks, it is impossible for us to see that having this country under the leadership of PR could be stable. Especially when it is proven that PR failed to practice good governance in stated led by them.

Considering all of this, there is no way rakyat could have missed who should they vote on election day.

Rakyat should understand that this election has nothing to do with their area, themselves or candidate. The election this time around should be viewed from a bigger scope, the matter of the country’s future, status of Islam, race and sovereignty.

That is why, we are convinced with leadership of Dato’ Seri Najib, so we should be convinced with election candidates.

However, we believe that some Malaysians are much more mature and open when it comes to evaluating the situation. Rakyat is tired with sabotaging issues on who gets voted. Thus, do not be fooled by those who only know how to play politics, because the power is in rakyat’s hands, not the parties. Rakyat should decide based on parties – not candidates.

In short, if we choose BN, we should vote for BN no matter who the candidates may be. Do remember that our vote will determine the government, not just the assemblyman at our constituency.

Evaluating and voting for the best candidate is not an easy task. However, evaluating and choosing a political party is not tough because we only have to look at ourselves and the people surrounding us. If we are in peace, the country is in peace, attention are given to our complains, opportunities to be successful are everywhere, this shows that the ruling party is great.

So, it is clear that Malaysia is already stable, why change that?



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