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POLITIKTeng Chang Khim Would End Lim's Dynasty?

Teng Chang Khim Would End Lim’s Dynasty?

Lim dynasty which has been leading DAP for a long time might have to face a new threat in the National Congress party which is expected to be held on December 2012. If DAP like to remind BN regarding the change of mindset among rakyat, then they should be prepared to face the same thing in their party.

Thus, like it or not, this old dynasty might have to accept the fact that time has change and DAP members are beginning to change their mind.

Today, iron-fist leadership can no longer guarantee continuous power.

Few of those who are expected to challenge Lim Guan Eng for the Secretary General post include Teng Chang Khim, Speaker for DUN Selangor and also a party committee member.

It is no longer a secret that Teng Chang Khim would be few of the individuals who are brave enough to go against orders and even question actions that are taken by the highest leader of the party.

He is said to be leading the group which is beginning to doubt Lim’s dynasty and DAP higher leaders especially after they took over Penang.

Not just about the arrogance among higher leaders, the party is also beginning to question their performance. Each of their weaknesses began to show when they first gain power considering that prior to that, all they knew were just to criticize people.

Internal source told that Chang Khim’s influence is not bad too. Especially with the party’s hate against Lim Guan Eng which is rising from day to day which could be dangerous for the party itself. Most members became nervous, scared that if Pakatan Rakyat wins, Lim’s dynasty would be even more arrogant, making it tougher for the party to bring him down.

Lim and his family are well aware of this matter and they are said to be planning for ways to save themselves. But, from what I was told, there is a huge possibility that they might not be able to fight the party because they are too arrogant to accept any criticism.

Thus, it is not impossible that DAP Congress this time around would be the starting point of the fall of Lim Dynasty. This may sound impossible, but the more impossible it sounds, the clearer all the iron-fist and arrogance claims regarding the family gets.

And when those things are clear, it might just be possible that they would be brought down in the coming Congress.



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