The Ever Confused Marina Mahathir

marina mahathir

When a person thinks that she is too intelligent, then she has closed all possibility to accept new knowledge. When that possibility is closed, what happen is that her knowledge will become restricted and unable to be widened. Her arrogance will put her in the same spot and she is refrained to have the ability to understand other issues fully and intelligently.

This is what happened to Marina Mahathir.

Marina grew up overseas, and was surrounded with people from different religion, and she thinks that she has enough knowledge about life compared to others who are guarded by the value of their race and religion. Marina believes that, her openness is equal to her intelligence. The more a person thinks that he or she is intelligent, the more they will rely solely on the logic of their own thought.

Because of it, Marina looked up to the westerners and feels that their way is the best. A lot of times, she is unable to differentiate between good and bad because she’s too busy worshipping the westerners.

 A person has wisdom must know that everything in this world must have a good side and a bad side. The good thing about the west is that their knowledge and civilization (that they inherit from Muslims culture) and the bad thing about the west is their lack of family values and community spirit. Even though the west is so called the Champion of Human Rights, but the west is also the one who accepted the degradation of humanity by accepting animalistic attributes, purely for their hunger for lust and power.

Sadly, Marina took it all and regard everything about the west is good and non-westerners are bad.

It is clear that Marina does not inherit the features of his father, in the sense of intelligence and wisdom.

Today, Marina stands on the platform of human rights and feminism through a lot of NGO. Among it is the ever notorious SIS (Sisters in Islam).

Marina was invited to launch the Seksualiti Merdeka program in 2011 to promote unnatural sex as a part of human rights. When the program was heavily criticized, Marina came up and defended the program saying it is not about “free sex” but Marina failed to understand that the critics were talking about unnatural sex act that is against the natural attributes of a human being and against the teaching of all religion.

Marina openness seems impaired to help her to come up with a reasonable explanation. The same thing happens when Marina was criticized by the Coalition of Malaysian Muslim (ISMA) regarding the issue of COMANGO.

Recently, ISMA distributed flyers about the “mastermind” behind COMANGO based on her capacity as a part of Sisters in Islam.

Marina however, denied that she has anything to do with COMANGO and threathens to sue ISMA. Marina’s denial has created a lot of confusion, especially among her supporters.

Marina has already stated openly about her stands on unnatural sex or LGBT and Marina has made a statement that shows her support of apostasy in one of the articles as stated below:

“There is inclination for a lot of parties to preach to everyone regarding their faiths now more than before. The funny thing is, they are more interested to take action among those who same faith as them. It’s like joining a club and you are not allowed to leave, even if you are not satisfied with its rules.”

The two things which is LGBT and apostasy, are the main issue that the COMANGO fought for. These issues are a threat to the nation and this is why ISMA retaliated.

Justeru kita tidak faham kenapa apabila dikecam oleh ISMA, Marina enggan mengaku menyokong atau pun terlibat dengan COMANGO pula.  Jika ditafsirkan dengan ringkas, kenyataan Marina bolehlah ditulis seperti berikut:

Thus, we do not understand when she is criticized by ISMA, Marina refused to support or admit any of her involvement in COMANGO. It is as if she is saying, she support LGBT and apostasy but Marina does not support COMANGO.

Her statement contradicts one another.

Now, it has been proven that Marina is a person who does not know what she is doing. She is confused and so does her supporters. It has been shown in many of the social media owned by her supporters where they do not understand anything that is currently happening and the ISMA issue that is getting hotter. They just show their support of Marina without knowing what is she fighting for.

We hoped that Marina will understand that openness and liberalism is not the same as intelligence or wisdom. Marina has to learn how to be humble and admit that the “freedom” that she enjoys did not make her more powerful or intelligent than anyone else. For what is worth, her action will only bring shame on herself and her family.