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BERITAENGLISHThe Lesson From Timor Leste History #LahadDatu

The Lesson From Timor Leste History #LahadDatu

tentera sultan suluDo you still remember Timor Leste? It is a small region owned by Indonesia since 1976 to 1999. Only by 2002, it was separated from Indonesia and now known as Democratic Republic of Timor Leste.

How did this happen and who is the mastermind behind this matter which caused chaos in Indonesia? To get the answer, we need to go back to history.

A part of the reasons why Timor Leste decided to make their exit from Indonesia was because of a conference known as Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor 2 (APCET II) held in Kuala Lumpur in November 9, 1996. Prior to that, APCET I Conference was held in Manila in May 1994.

The objective behind both conference was clearly to discuss on the liberation of the region from Indonesia why including international intervention. However, the conference was rejected by UMNO Youth and one of the people who opposed to it is Saifuddin Nasution who was the Movement Secretary for Malaysia UMNO Youth.

From the rejection made by UMNO Youth, PAS went up and questioned by UMNO Youth opposed to the APCET II, making it look like PAS is supporting the idea of separating East Timor away from Indonesia.

One of the NGOs which was active in the efforts to organize APCET II was SUARAM, an MGO which now often criticizes the government especially in Scorpene submarine issue.

Other individuals who supported APCET II also include Tian Chua and R.Sivarasa. Coincidentally, both these PKR leaders went to Manila, Philippine on February 7, 2013, about a couple of days before Sulu terrorists sneaked to Lahad Datu, Sabah.

About two years after the APCET II conference, Indonesia was hit with Reform era, involving one of Anwar Ibrahim’s close friends, Amien Rais who hoped to become the next President, replacing Suharto.

A year later, as Indonesia was under the leadership of President BJ Habibie, a poll was taken in Timor Leste region and the result was in favor to the separatist movement. The result was then followed by big riots involving the clash between Muslims and Christians.

Three years later, Timor Leste became a new country where it is the main base in spreading Christianity in this region.

The history of Timor Leste could just happen again, where this time, it could involve Sabah, especially when another one of Anwar’s close friend, Jefrrey Kitingan was arrested under ISA due to claims of him trying to separate Sabah away from Malaysia.

A few months before Sabah intrusion began, Jefrrey Kitingan was said to have met up with one of the ‘Sultanate of Sulu’ heir, while Anwar had a few meetings with former MNLF leader, Nur Misuari who really wants to take over Sabah.

Coincidentally, Nur Misuari has close relationship with Jamalul Kiram III and he is a strong supporter towards trying to get back Sabah, and it is a coincidence that most of Jamalul Kiram III’s followers are MNLF members who are loyal towards Nur Misuari.

Meanwhile, report from Reuters recently quoted a statement from Philippine army’s intelligence confirming that the intrusion in Lahad Datu was led by an invitation given by Malaysian Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

The interesting part is, these few months, Anwar kept on singing the song “Sabah Nak Hilang” (Sabah Will Be Gone), as if he is expecting something like Timor Leste to happen, perhaps yes, perhaps no.

Whatever it is, we should learn from Indonesia’s dark history as they lost Timor Leste. We do not want Sabah to repeat the history and obviously majority Sabahans do not even want to be led by Jamalul Kiram III who clearly proved how evil he is.



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