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The One Who Initiated May 13 Was Not From A Religious or Racial Based Party


DAP has long accuse UMNO of being racist because they do not open their membership to all races. This particular accusation is being enforced as hard as they can to create a perception that UMNO is evil and unjust.

UMNO has cooperated with MCA and MIC which are Chinese and Indians and has created a movement under the party called Barisan Nasional. With this particular action, each and every race has a leader or President that has a power to voice out the needs of each and every race themselves without being left out.

Different with the DAP who has members from all the races in Malaysia but their leaders is from the same race which is Chinese, other races has no platform to voice out their opinion.

Not just that, the non-Chinese in the DAP were abused and do not have any way to challenge the leadership as what has been enjoyed by the MCA and MIC with other BN component parties in Sabah and Sarawak in making any decision with the vision and mission of the country.

Today, the DAP is also inciting religious issues where they are attacking their own ally, PAS. According to Karpal Singh, a party which is based on racial or religious indoctrination are dangerous to the country.

We know that the DAP wants to change the history of this nation, but we don’t believe that Karpal has forgotten the history of this country. PAS has been established since 1951, MCA in 1949, while MIC is in 1946 the same year as UMNO. This means that parties based on racial and religion has long been accepted in this country.

Since then, except for PAS, UMNO, MCA and MIC has created harmony and tolerance and not destruction for this nation.

The spirit of toleration brought by UMNO, MCA and MIC are not shared by the likes of DAP.

DAP has created racial tension in 13 May 1969 with their racist agenda. DAP and also Gerakan at that time was two parties that was created as a non-racial political entity, they ridiculed the Malays and call for the Malays to go back to the jungle. They say that this country is owned by the Chinese and will be led by the DAP a party that has long taken pride as a party who practices non-racial politics.

In the tension, UMNO leaders were the one who stood up and try to repair the damaged made by the DAP. UMNO leaders were the one who came and restore peace and unity with the help of MCA and MIC. All three of the racially based parties became an agent of harmony that is continued till today.

Meanwhile, a non-racial based party like the DAP are trying as hard as they can to create tension in any way. In this era of information technology, social websites are used fully by DAP supporters to provoke Muslims Malays. It is fortunate that the government led by UMNO is mature and wise enough to delegate the situation and avoid any hostile confrontation.

It is clear that the most important thing is not the name or the constitution of the party, but who led the party is the real importance. If the leader is a racist than their party will be a racist party even though it is open for all. If the leader is a not a racist, then he will be just to all even if his party is for only one race.

Karpal Singh is not as bright as we think for not able to analyse this particular fact. That is what happens when you refuse to study and learn from history.


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