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The Red Bean Army shall be deserted by the DAP.


After a few members of the Red Bean Army was identified and investigated, the notorious DAP cyber troopers group are dumbfounded and currently looking for ways of escape. Some of them are openly challenging the government to take action; meanwhile others in the group are scared and looking for excuses that they will not be held responsible for their actions. They will even disown their own account in social websites by saying that their website was hacked by some other third parties. .

However, it is certain that in a group of human being, not all of them have the same qualities. Even though the Read Bean Army is seen as a united entity, this quickly changed when they were attacked and questioned. The threat is not only if they were caught by the law, but also from the inner circle of the DAP itself.

It is not impossible that threats and warnings are issued by the DAP to the Red Bean Army. And it is possible if another incident similar to the Teoh Beng Hock murders will happen in order for these people to save the DAP. Even the idea of mass suicide by the group may not seem so farfetched.

DAP and the Red Bean Army shares a similar modus operandi where not only the targeted victim will suffer, but also the victim’s family and friends will be attacked. DAP is said to have used this tactics not only to their foes, but also to their own members in order to silence them. This particular communist like action, would also mount an attack to the businesses and livelihood of the victims and their families.

Everything is possible for a party that is well known for their triad style approach and thuggish mentality. They even cheat and lie to their own members in the CEC (Central Executive Committee Election).

Maybe it’s true that the Red Bean Army is willing to accept any consequences in order to defend their “faith” in the DAP. If it is true, then these “soldiers”, the product of a Chinese chauvinist schooling system, are not as smart as they think they are. Their faith in the DAP made them gamble away the prosperity, freedom, justice and peace that they have enjoyed in the country. They are even willing to commit treason, so long as they can see the Chinese ruling Malaysia. The DAP are hypocrites in disguise. They are shouting the “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan, but their ultimate intention is to rule the country with racist Chinese Chauvinist agenda.

Does the Red Bean Army really believes the DAP can provide a better Malaysia compared to Barisan Nasional? Haven’t the Malaysian Chinese prosper and lived in luxury, and obtained numerous benefits during the Barisan Nasional rule?

Even if the sacrifice made by the Red Bean Army is to uphold the Mandarin language or to build more Chinese temple and entertainment centres, is it worth it to destroy one’s future? Frankly, the DAP does not even care about Buddhism/Taoism as they are only interested in promoting and helping Christianity.

Do they realize that the DAP rule will only bring Malaysia into the dark ages. DAP is well known for their “close door” policy such as restricting independent media coverage, dictatorship, cronyism, corruption and triad style administration. DAP leaders often resolves issues by using physical force and verbal abuse. Those who criticise DAP will be sued and assaulted in the pro opposition media.

The Red Bean Army is trained to spread hatred and destroy the peace and harmony that we had achieved and maintained all these years. Slender, gossips, public shaming, lies and false perception are used as weapons to defend their “faith” in their cause. The DAP have discarded their very own humanity in the pursuit for dominance and power.

Just imagine how will our country be, if DAP were at the helm of the nation?

DAP leaders have no conscience at all, if they are willing to lie to their own member, they will have no problem in cheating and lying to the people of Malaysia. Many DAP members are fully aware of what is going on in their party. Even some of the former leader and members of DAP are speaking out against the Chinese chauvinist tyrant that is currently in control of the party. Sadly, majority of the Malaysian Chinese are willing to be cheated by a tyrant rather than a good leader, just because the tyrant is a Chinese.

Only a ruthless leader will deny their own men, and left them to rot. And that is what DAP is doing to the Red Bean Army.

Currently, Lim Kit Siang has denied the existence of the Red Bean Army and act as if he did not even know if the group has ever existed. Red Bean Army now is deserted, left alone to be caught by the authorities. Few would survive this onslaught, as those who are close to some of the DAP leaders can take shelter. For the rest of them, things may not be as they have expected.

Many of those who are in the Red Bean Army know that they will be caught, and now they are between a rock and a hard place. If they came clean to the government they will be hunt down by the DAP, but if they stick to their struggle, much more will be sacrifice to the will of their racist chauvinist leaders.

Our advice to these Chinese chauvinist school products is that, if you want to make sacrifices, make sure that it is for a good cause. Make your sacrifice to the idea of a better nation. Fight for a better nation that will safeguard the peace and stability for its people. Do not sacrifice yourself for the sake of disunity and anarchy under the banner of racism.

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