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The World’s Friendliest Countries : Malaysia Rank #10


#10 Malaysia

Many expats here say they have learned the local language and befriended locals. Said one respondent, “Malaysia is a peaceful country. Government transactions like tax, EPF [Employees Provident Fund], are very efficient. Food is relatively cheap. Also the country is clean and green and they respect the environment.”

Better quality of life, a satisfying social life, easy local travel and better housing than in their home country helped put Malaysia in fifth place overall—though many reported difficulty integrating into the local community (often because of a language barrier).

HSBC survey


It is a common belief that Tanzania is a friendly country. When they want to steal from you, they will ask, politely. May I snatch your bag?

But Forbes list proves to us that South Africa is actually the friendliest of African countries in the 15 friendliest in the world. New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are some of the world’s friendliest countries. According to this year’s HSBC survey results, these countries are the easiest to befriend locals, learn the local language, integrate into the community and fit into the new culture.

According to the study, the least friendly country was United Arab Emirates, and among the countries most challenging for expats overall were Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia and India. India ranked in last place for the second year in a row.

And why is India so unfriendly? The study terms India as “a minefield of relentless mental, emotional and practical daily challenges for most non-Indians”.

In Africa, South Africa tops as the friendliest, taking #3 on the list. It is described as the most favoured of African countries, with a blend of people and a liberal society that makes living very easy. The excellent roads and the reliable electricity and phones, especially the Cape Town city with some of the best restaurants in the world gives it leverage.

Here is the complete List of countries according to Forbes

1. New Zealand

 A large majority of expats living among Kiwis—75%—report that it was easy to fit into the new culture. And 55% say they will either stay or return to the country (compared with 23% of surveyed expats overall).

 2. Australia

 A majority of folks living Down Under—77%—reported that they were able to integrate well with the local community, while 87% said they felt welcome at work. Other sweet spots include an economy regarded as strong by 95% of respondents, and high rankings in the raising children abroad category.

 3. South Africa

 In addition to being welcoming—79% of respondents here said they were able to integrate well with the local community—this country offers expats financial perks, with 47% saying that relocating here has brought more access to luxuries, and 69% reporting an increased disposable income.

4. Canada

 A majority of respondent here report better working conditions and improved work-life balance as a result of their relocation; 39% say they are interested in staying on to become long-term expats.

 5. United States

 Expats here are impressed with their earnings, and say that, since relocating, their cars and housing situations have improved. But many are concerned with difficult-to-navigate school and healthcare systems.

 6. Turkey

 Prepare to be delighted. Turkish people are the most friendly people I ever met,” noted one respondent living here. But Turkey, a new addition to the survey this year, also prompted worries about natural disasters.

 7. United Kingdom

 Expats in the UK find community integration to be relatively easy, although many are concerned with the high cost of living and say that an uncertain economy is prompting them to consider moving.

 8. Philippines

 This country is friendly on wallets, too: 47% report an increase in access to luxuries, including domestic staff, swimming pools, and owning properties.

 9. Spain

 Expats fit in well here, with many reporting they have integrated well into their community, enjoyed the local culture, made local friends, learned and used the local language, and have experienced a better work-life balance than in their home countries (which included the UK, US, France, and Netherlands).

 10. Malaysia

 Many expats here say they have learned the local language and befriended locals. Said one respondent, “Malaysia is a peaceful country. Government transactions like tax, EPF [Employees Provident Fund], are very efficient. Food is relatively cheap. Also the country is clean and green and they respect the environment.”

 11. Brazil

 A new addition to the survey this year, Brazil warmly welcomes expats but is off-putting to many (81%) because of complex finances as a result of different currencies, money moving between countries, and complicated taxes. Still, expats here have a positive economic outlook (as do those in other BRIC countries) and expect the country’s economy to improve in the coming year.

 12. Italy

 Another new addition to the survey this year, Italy has many expats (88%) who said the economy is weak and deteriorating; still, only 22% were considering relocating.

 13. Mexico

 A majority of expats here (62%) say they were drawn to Mexico for better career and money prospects. Worries, though, include the possibility of natural disasters and their children’s safety.

 14. Singapore

 Singapore provides the best of both worlds, say expats, offering both quality of life and career progression. Still, overall integration can be a challenge: Respondents say they are more likely to hang out with other expats than locals, and are also more likely to send their children to international schools.

 15. France

 Claiming the No. 1 spot in the raising children abroad category, France impressed with its relatively low childcare costs and healthier children’s lifestyles. Plus, a vast majority has tried to learn or use French (93%), enjoyed the local food (71%) and felt welcome at work (89%).

Source: Forbes

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