The WSJ report today has again confirmed that the so-called BSI/Cayman units are not worthless.


WSJ has revealed that the PAC (including Tony Pua) were told that these disputed and supposedly worthless USD2.32b units are guaranteed by Aabar Corp, a part of the Abu Dhabi Govt since the year 2012 – a detail that was never revealed by Tony Pua, 1MDB or anyone for that matter.

I believe that 1MDD would have long wanted to say that these units are guaranteed by Abu Dhabi but was prevented so by confidentially agreements – especially since it was between two sovereign governments.

Their inability to publicly state this fact have allowed critics to attack 1MDB for years on these units and cayman funds.

I believe the June USD1billion payment from IPIC to 1MDB was related to these remaining units (majority of the USD2.32b untis were redeemed before this) which IPIC’s unit Aabar guaranteed and IPIC made good on its guarantee with this payment – which essentially closes the case of the USD2.32b cayman investments and BSI units.

And since these units are supposed to be the proceeds from the 1MDB-PetroSaudi joint-venture, this proves that no money was missing and gives credibility to 1MDB’s claims that they made at least USD500m from the 2009 joint venture with PetroSaudi.

So, if no money was missing then how the heck did Jho Low or GoodStar “steal” USD1.83 billion from 1MDB?

Since the PAC were shown evidence of this Aabar guarantee, I am surprised that Tony Pua did not come out to apologize for saying the Cayman units were worthless.

Perhaps Tony will give lame excuse that he cannot comment on this as it was PAC confidential matter?

If it is proven that PM Najib committed a crime by taking money from 1MDB, he should go to jail.

But if it is proven that he did not commit any crime and the money was not from 1MDB, what should the government do with these people who keeps releasing selected confidential information to foreign media which badly discredits our country and destabilizes our economy?

What action should we take on these malicious people?