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The issue of Scorpene submarines that was raised by SUARAM a.k.a the opposition, has been going on since the complaint was filed in France court in November 2009. In short, SUARAM had filed a charge that a developer company from France, DCNS had paid an amount of bribery in value of EURO114 million to a Malaysian company, Perimekar Sdn Bhd with the help from a Mongolian model, Altantuya Sharibuu, who was later gruesomely murdered for asking a part from the bribe.

According to a statement made by the Chairman of SUARAM, Dr. Kua Kia Soong, “SUARAM believe that there is something bigger behind the murder of Altantuya and it is the matter about at least RM500 million commission on the RM7 billion purchase of the Scorpene submarine.”

Indirectly, but clearly, Dr. Kua had accused the government or the Prime Minister for being involved in corruption and murder case. SUARAM also made a few other statements portraying that this case is now under trial in the court of France.

SUARAM even asked Malaysians to help them in covering the cost of the case. For that, SUARAM had organized a dinner party with charge of RM10,000 per table – obviously, to cover the fact that they are sponsored by some sides to lie.

We do not know how many Malaysians actually contributed to SUARAM to extend the lie. And we are certain that not all rakyat are stupid to sponsor SUARAM so that they could enjoy their holiday in France.

However, if anyone did contribute to them, they should push SUARAM to be investigated and audited to get their money back. This is because, latest sources told that the case of Scorpene submarine, has never been tried in the court of France.

According to the law in France, its judiciary system allows their judges to investigate or study cases independently. The jusge could also question witnesses, suspects and order for further investigations to get more facts and evidence. It was told that in the case of the contract in the purchase of the submarines that was signed by DCN with Pakistan and Taiwan, the issue that was raised was between the corruption case between DCN and France’s political party.

The fact is, Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office did run an investigation on the sale of submarines which involves DCN and other countries including Malaysia and few of their focus are on DCN with France’s political members and parties. SUARAM’s complaint was also used in the scope of the investigation.

Thus, what was portrayed by SUARAM saying the the Malaysian government were taken to the court of France and that our PM will be given a subpoena is a lie. The issue of the purchase of Scorpene by Malaysia has never been tried in court and every single press statements and conferences given by SUARAM are lies.

This should have never become an issue because detailed and factual explanations were given multiple times in the Parliament. Besides that, Dato’ Seri Najib himself had sworn for four times saying that he do not know Altantuya, along with him and his wife’s alibi during the murder incident, and their alibis were solid. Even the one who spread the lie, Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) also admitted that he was just making up stories.

But, SUARAM still chooses to play with the issue as if they are that desperate to tarnish the government’s image. We are saying that because if they do not want to give the government such bad image, they would just keep their mouth shut until the trial is over.

It is easy to know why SUARAM would lie because they are just as same as the opposition. Considering that the life of the opposition depends on their ability in lying, so they see no harm in taking risk in the issue of Scorpene, because they know that their supporters would believe just about anything that comes out from their mouth – at least until the election is over.

With the GE coming closer and closer, Scorpene is the only issue that they would use to confuse voters so that they would doubt the leadership of Dato’ Seri Najib.



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