There Is No Real Mystery In The RM3 Billion

The NST headline today reads, ‘Anwar gave order’, on the probe of former Bank Negara assistant governor, Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid’s Statutory Declaration (SD) dated October 29, 1999 which claimed that the ex-DPM had ordered him to channel millions into his and his cronies accounts while he was still in power.

Investigation was stopped in the year 2000 after much constraints faced by the ACA such as lack and none co-operation from foreign governments and no paper trail or documents of transactions. Moreover, some payments made were declared as donations which make them legal.

However, the former ACA director-general Datuk Ahmad Zaki Husin said that the case was not considered ‘closed’ but being classified as ‘keep in view’ which could be considered as ongoing and should be revisited when new evidence surfaced.

NST raised a question about the origin of the RM3 billion, but never to forget that there is also a question of where is the money now.

In his SD, Murad stated that he believes there are at least 20 other master accounts established for Anwar by his cronies. Shamsidar, Azmin’s wife who is alleged to be Anwar’s mistress was also mentioned in the SD as a crony who received a handsome share from the RM3 billion.

One can never be too careful to handle 20 master accounts with God knows how many ‘sub-accounts’. A thorough look into just Shamsidar’s accounts should help connect Anwar somehow. But of course, to catch the biggest fish, MACC may have to dig deeper than just a few million ringgit in this mistress of Anwar’s accounts.

To further give the MACC the benefit of the doubt, money laundering is known to be the hardest crime to crack as those involved are usually way too smart and they cover their tracks perfectly using terms like donation and create dummy accounts all over the world where the money would be moved around that finding them is almost impossible.

However, from a layman’s eyes, Anwar’s lavish lifestyle is enough to prove his guilt.

Everybody can see that Anwar and his family and cronies are living the life beyond the ordinary filthy, wealthy, politicians.

The fact that this man had been fired, and locked-up and has no real job but as an economic advisor to the Selangor state at a salary of RM1/month, but manages to travel around the world at any time and any cost for thousands of times per year, plus proudly boasted that he has the ability to buy Ministers and BN politicians to join his camp, Anwar sure fits the picture of a man who has RM3 billion stacked somewhere.

According to Murad, Anwar needed all the money to fund his politics, thus explains very well on what is happening in Malaysia today.

Therefore, the MACC may and may not find the answers of the origin or the where-about of the RM3 billion and proof Anwar’s guilt or innocence, but believe me, majority of the rakyat have already judged him as guilty. And we don’t even need to scrutinize his financial statement, all we need is to take one look at his schedule, his itinerary and his beloved ‘Azmin’s’ Ferrari.

The only question is, RM3 billion is not all that he has. As the darling of the west, Anwar is believed to have unlimited funds as long as he plays his role well as the destroyer of Islam and the Muslims in the Asian region.