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BERITAENGLISHTian Chua Should Be Charged And Sentenced

Tian Chua Should Be Charged And Sentenced

tian-chua-didakwa-menghinaMany could not help but to sigh as they read press statement made by PKR Communications’ Director, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad who urged official charges made against PKR Vice President, Tian Chua to be withdrawn due to the existence of media manipulation.

Who does he want to lie to? The statement made by Tian Chua which belittles Lahad Datu insident was not even published by Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian or TV3, it was published in PKR’s own portal.

In the article dated March 1, 2013, Tian Chua was quoted saying:

“The intrusion in Lahad Datu was only a drama of the government to intimidate the people to make it seem that Sabah is not peaceful. There is a conspiracy by the Umno government to divert the attention of the Sabah people, particularly from the issue of giving identity cards to foreigners.”

Meanwhile, the first paragraph of the article mentioned:-

“The shooting in Lahad Datu is believed to be a planned conspiracy of the Umno government to divert attention and intimidate the people, said KEADILAN Vice President, Tian Chua.”

Whoever reads the statements above obviously realize that they belittles the intrusion issue in Lahad Datu.

Claiming that mainstream media manipulated and twisted Tian Chua’s statement is nonsense.

As the country is under attack by Jamalul Kiram III’s followers, Tian Chua’s comments should not be taken lightly.

Even though Tian Chua is an MP, that does not mean he could make fun of the bloody incident in Sabah.

Tian Chua’s statement shows that he is unpatriotic, it even puts him as a traitor. How can this man be acknowledged as leader!

The charges and trial made against Tian Chua should go on. Anyone who breaks the law in this country, no matter if they are leaders or normal citizens, should obey the law.



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