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POLITIKTrying To Shoot Rakyat Even Before Becoming PM

Trying To Shoot Rakyat Even Before Becoming PM

Looking at the video, there are no surprise when we see why PR supporters act like gangsters. It is clear that their gangster attitude are in them that Anwar even let his bodyguard point his gun to defenseless rakyat.

Anwar was not even facing any physical threat which could led to his death, he was only verbally attacked, which was from a distance. But, it seems that Anwar is a coward that he cannot handle such verbal attacks and forced his bodyguard to threaten rakyat with his gun.

After seeing the action of Anwar’s bodyguard, just imagine what would happen if Anwar becomes the Prime Minister. If verbal assaults’ enough to rage him, what would happen if he is criticized with facts? It is not impossible that he would ‘get rid’ of those who criticize him by then.

In a way, Anwar had shown his double standard attitude if he becomes a Prime Minister where anyone who does not support him would be treated with brutality. Unlike BN who treats rakyat equally including PR supporters.

Anwar is known to be free to go just about anywhere around Malaysia and the world, he is so free that even courts would let him be a free man even though evidence to charge him were concrete.

That is why even if Anwar is saying that he is threatened, no one would believe it. If it is true that the government wants to get rid of Anwar, obviously he would have been in jail a long time ago. That wold definitely reduce government’s burden in handling his ‘activities’ of sabotaging and bringing chaos to this country each day.

But the government has never impose any threat towards Anwar. He is a nobody. He is just another ex-con and a sodomite who kept on dreaming to become the next Prime Minister even though his party is dying.

Thus, why would Anwar need a large number of bodyguards? Rumor has it that he has up to seven bodyguards at a time. Who is he scared of? Or are they being hired by Wan Azizahsi that Anwar would not ‘fall’ again? And where does he get all the money to pay for those people?

Anwar is actually trying to show the world that he is so influential that he thinks that the government takes him as a threat that needs to be wiped off.

But rakyat think otherwise.

Rakyat is now seeing Anwar is a threat to them. Rakyat do not like the image of an unstable country which wants to be triggered by Anwar and at the same time, rakyat sees his bodyguard as a wussy gangster for pointing his gun in public.

Conclusion is, the more bodyguards hired by Anwar, the more rakyat would scared of him. Scared that they might get shot for being too close to him.



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