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BERITANASIONAL#SSYBN : UNISEL's Debt Showed PR's Inabilities @Khalid_Ibrahim

#SSYBN : UNISEL’s Debt Showed PR’s Inabilities @Khalid_Ibrahim

If back in 2009, Selangor PR government had shown their weaknesses and they had to apply for extra budget, double in total in just within six months after the original budget was presented, perhaps because they do not have the experience in managing a state.

But after almost a term of ruling and they are still doing the same mistake, especially in forms of education which is one of their ultimate promises to rakyat, so it is not wrong for us to officially state that PR really do not have enough qualifications to run a state, not even the country.

BN ‘let go’ of Selangor to PR with the state fund worth RM1.4 billion. Selangor was a state which was rich in generating economy ever since BN began to rule.

As of this year, PR Selangor announced that the amount of state fund is at RM2.2 billion.

With that Dato’ Seri Khalid Ibrahim, Selangor Chief Minister, in a few of his media statements kept on bragging with his leadership abilities which led to increased state’s income. The same thing goes to Azmin Ali and a few other PR leaders who stated that they are wise in handling the state’s fund they they could provide free education to all if they rule Malaysia.

But, today, it has been proven that not just that they could not rule state, they could not even manage a university. Although they made the promise that they would provide free education to 600 universities around the country, but they couldn’t even for maintenance fee and UNISEL’s hostel in less than 2 years.

This happens because Selangor government really holds on fees paid by students to cover all the costs which are involved in handling and managing the university without having any preventive measures if they ever run low on budget. Due to that, the amount of fees paid by student, all comes to RM15 million, paid to UNISEL did not get to the hands of Syarikat Jana Niaga Sdn Bhd (JNSB), the company which is responsible to handle residency and hostel maintenance.

From there, JNSB’s operations had to be closed during students’ registration process because their staff do not receive any pay.

Obviously it is weird to hear the matter where PR fights for free education and abolishing PTPTN because they want to ‘focus on education’ but at the same time, they ‘ignore education’ that UNISEL students and JNSB staff became their victims.

The same thing happened to Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN) in Kedah which is under PAS government that the issue led to demonstration demanding the rector to resign due to disappointments with the state government who do not even listen.

Selangor government’s failure in using their state fund which they claimed as plenty, to rectify UNISEL issues had proven that PR do not really care about education. Whether this is true, ot PR refuse to pay JNSB because they hold on to the principal which debts do not have to be paid like how they think about PTPTN.

Or perhaps the state government do not have any money and everything which they presented in their budget were lies?

But, all of this might not be true because Selangor state government confirmed that they would contribute RM500,000 to cover the legal cost for Rafizi Ramli in the BAFIA case. And this is not the first time the state government had misused their state fund to cover legal cases for PR leaders and MPs who broke the law. Previously, the state government had covered the legal fees for ADUN Seri Muda who was brought to court on the case of insulting the sultan.

Using the state’s money to cover personal cases and political cases which has nothing to do with rakyat is enough to show that Selangor government is not responsible at all. Wouldn’t it be better if the money is used to handle issues of UNISEL and other issues that are related to rakyat.

What is happening here is that rakyat is beginning to have their doubts with the Selangor state government. Most of them mentioned that they are confused on why wouldn’t the Chief Minister handle such small issue, paying debt to maintenance contractor of a university? The response given by the state government was that they are more focused towards the university operations and they would not go through all the troubles with the hostel maintenance issue. This shows that he do not even care and thinks that this is matter is not important.

Thus, we would like to ask, what and who is ‘rakyat’ in the eyes of PR? Slaves? Dogs would simply follow their orders?

What is the real message behind their slogan ‘Demi Rakyat’ (For Rakyat) if rakyat have to sacrifice ‘For Leaders’?

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