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BERITAENGLISHWan Azizah Claimed Reuters And Manila Times Lied, Reporters Paid By BN

Wan Azizah Claimed Reuters And Manila Times Lied, Reporters Paid By BN

anwar-manila sahkan terlibatAnwar Ibrahim’s love of threatening, intimidating and insulting reporters when he failed to respond to their questions, is beginning to become a joke among Malaysians.

Now, Anwar is threatening to sue the reporter who asked why he refuse to sue Reuters and Manila Times for stating his involvement in the crisis in Sabah, instead, he just want to sue TV3 and Utusan Malaysia which only showed the reports made by those two foreign media.

As expected, Anwar did not answer the question. Instead, he humiliated the reporter and ‘closes’ the issue from being discussed.

At the same time, Wan Azizah decided to say that the reports regarding Anwar being the ‘mastermind’ behind Sabah crisis, as a wild accusation. She said,”I read the reports, it did not mention any names and nothing was said on Anwar.” Wan Azizah even described as if the reporters were paid by Barisan Nasional.

She said, she is not surprised when the matter was raised because there were times when reporters are paid by Barisan Nasional government to write anti-Anwar stories.

It seems like Wan Azizah is accusing Reuters and Manila Times as liars. Not just that, she even indirectly claimed that reporters for both the news agencies are paid by Barisan Nasional.

Thus, those reporters would explain themselves before they and their agencies suffer negative image for reporting false news. It is not wrong for them to sue Wan Azizah in order to clear their image.

Perhaps this is the only way for us to get the truth considering that Anwar refuses to sue the ones who made the original reports, but decides to sue the ones who only cited the reports.

For those who are rational, Anwar’s refusal to sue Reuters and Manila Times is enough to prove whether he is really involved or not in the crisis in Sabah.

Reuters is an international news agency while Manila Times is Philippines media. There is no reason for such international news agency which is often ‘Anwar-friendly’ would put him in a tough spot. And why would Barisan Nasional pay Manila Times to tarnish Anwar when his name is already dirty? How can this benefit BN?

The only benefit from this issue would fall to the opposition, as they managed to find another issue to go against the government.

Moreover, Anwar is celebrating the bloodshed in Sabah as he failed to do the same thing in the Peninsular, just like the tragedy in Tahrir Square. And Anwar is very exited waiting for foreign intervention which was applied by Sulu, after he failed to invite America and Australia to do so.

That is why there is no other way for Anwar to clear his name other than suing Reuters and Manila Times which Wan Azizah described as liars! Or, Reuters and Manila Times should sue Wan Azizah for accusing them as liars…



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