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POLITIKGE13: Wan Azizah Competes In Selangor?

GE13: Wan Azizah Competes In Selangor?

Recently, PKR President, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, confirmed that she would compete for DUN for the coming GE13. She added that she only qualifies to compete for DUN where she would vote.

This means that Wan Azizah would be competing in Selangor, considering that her voting area is at that state. But, which area would she compete is still in question.

She also imagined that she might be part of the state’s administration is they win.

It seems that Wan Azizah is no longer the old Wan Azizah we know. She is no longer a wife that follows her husband’s orders where she was asked to lie, cry, compete and let go of her seat.

This time around, Wan Azizah is making her own decision and she seems confident with the loyalty of her supporters. Her actions probably somewhat derived from the clash between her and Azmin Ali which has now gone worse.

It was understood that Wan Azizah managed to influence Anwar to list people from her camp as candidate, pushing away people from Azmin’s camp.

Azmin has gone overboard or too much, said a few in PKR. Azmin do not know how to respect anyone even the Chief Minister, President of the party, or even his own mother. To avoid from making things worse, Wan Azizah ha to take action.

Azmin is a hundred percent Anwar’s product. He is Anwar’s student, companion, assistant etc. At one point, Azmin had turned exactly like Anwar where he began to go crazy for power, greedy and headstrong, and Anwar did realize that fact. Azmin is a monster created by Anwar. After realizing all that, Anwar began to learn to listen to his wife, Wan Azizah.

With this, Wan Azizah finally gained a new confidence which begins to deter Azmin’s image from Anwar’s eyes. It seems that her loyalty is paying off.

Wan Azizah gained full support from Khalid Ibrahim. Thus, she has more advantage considering the fact that she would gain access to information and help from the state government directly. If she wins, she would definitely be able to convince the state government to ensure that Azmin’s camp would be banished.

With people in PKR beginning to have their doubts on Azmin, Wan Azizah believe that she is in a comfortable position to ‘challenge’ Azmin.

With so much internal conflict, we cannot be certain on how can this party lead this country. How can we expect those who are fighting within the system to develop our country to a better future?

Whether Wan Azizah wins or lose the seat which she is going to compete, what is certain is that it would not benefit rakyat at the area. PKR leaders do not compete to serve the country, they compete for the sake of getting to be ‘leaders’. PKR is a party which was formed by Anwar and for his family. This is what rakyat would have to accept if they want PKR to win in the coming election.




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