Wan Azizah Too is Searching For A Place To Compete? #pakdin.my

It was said that Anwar might compete in Nibong Tebal for the coming GE13, because he is uncertain about the support for him at his own place. But even at Nibong Tebal, he is unsure about the support for him. With decreasing amont of people coming to his ceramah, Anwar has gotten really stressed, So, Anwar kept on going around places to wander around and see which area would fit him best.

His wife, Wan Azizah, cannot compete for parliamentary seat for giving Anwar the Permatang Pauh MP seat back in 2008 for Anwar. but in her recent statement, she did mention that she want to compete for a DUN seat.

The question is, where?

Some did speculate that she would compete in Selangor. But in the same time, Wan Azizah did mention that she want to compete at the place where she votes, Permatang Pasir, under the Permatang Pauh DUN. The seat was won by Penang PAS Commissioner, Salleh Man. Her excuse is that she would only compete at a place where she could win.

Permatang Pasir seat has always been PAS’s, so , Pakatan Rakyat could win there. But the problem here is, the spirit of cooperation and understanding between PR allies are too low. If Wan Azizah really want to compete there, she would really need to convince pas to let go of Salleh Man, giving space to PKR, would people there be willing to accept Wan Azizah as their representative?

Within PR, PAS supporters are not obliged to support either PKR nor DAP. Thus, it is not that easy for PR to finalize their seat distribution for teh coming GE.

Up until today, even though Anwar as the Opposition Leader had announced that the seat distribution is finalized, PAS still could not confirm the amount of seat that they will be competing and even DAP did not confirm anything. And Anwar cannot even seem to confirm the seat for his own wife.

If it is true that Wan Azizah want to compete, this confirms the talk about her unpredictable personality. Wan Azizah is said that she is ambitious which is not as different as Anwar. Obviously her being patient all these while have its reason, perhaps even a higher ambition than her bisexual husband.

Wan Azizah knew that as Anwar’s image being torn apart and that it cannot be repaired, she comes out as the strong, clean and wise woman. If we are to see this in a different angle, she managed to beat Anwar who has been tormenting her all her life.

Perhaps Wan Azizah feels that it is time for her to do something about herself, and not for Anwar anymore. That is why she wants to compete again. The problem for her now is that where can she compete and would PAS give way to her. Lets put DAP aside because DAP would not give anything up for anyone.

Whatever her decision may be, just like her husband, Wan Azizah would only compete for her own self interest, not for rakyat or the country. And as rakyat, lets not forget this fact.