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The ‘war’ is on now between PAS and DAP in the opposition alliance that was formed with the sole purpose of unseating Barisan Nasional (BN) and take over as the federal government.

Nice beautiful ambition that started as a dream and it now seems to have developed into near reality as the opposition alliance of three parties – PAS, DAP and PKR – keep pounding and hammering BN with allegations and accusations which somewhat or rather succeeded in molding the minds of Malaysians into believing them to be true.

A hard climb through lies and cheats, the three parties managed to take over four states in 2008 and this time around, they plan to take over the federal government.

They feel the people, Malaysians who are voters at large will continue to support them and their lies, forgetting that the states that they controlled now are in chaos with voters’ uprising following their unfulfilled promises and unprofessional administration.

And despite all these, as they continue exposing allegations of scandals and so on, they want Malaysians and voters to believe that they are capable of running the country, managing the nation’s economy as well as making policies beneficial to all the races and religions.

If they are truly capable, the three parties would not argue and debate whether the country would implement Islamic laws and enforces Hudud.

PAS, the most senior partner in PR has stated and reiterated its stand that it will implement Islamic laws and enforces Hudud if the opposition wins the federal government.

Worse still is that the party wanted its president Abdul Hadi Awang to be the Prime Minister, not PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim.

So now the ‘war’ between them begins with DAP and PKR wanting Anwar as Prime Minister while PAS insisted on Hadi Awang.

Logically, if they cannot come together and have one mind on such matter, do they think voters would trust them to run the country?

The ‘war’ is an open secret as voters watch what will be outcome before the present government calls for election.

Voters are now smarter…like the saying goes once bitten twice shy…they already know what and who the oppositions are and with this new issue on who is going to be the Prime Minister, they are more wary and worry.

How hard the oppositions try to hide the issue, Malaysians at large know they cannot be voted into the government because they do not stand united in philosophies and principles.

They are poles apart and voters know there is no rallying point among them…not even on a simple matter like who is the Prime Minister.

Thus, no matter what kind of show they put up, voters already know the oppositions have no contents what more other criteria to rule.

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