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Waytha, You Are No Hero!


Famous for his fickle decisions, Waythamoorthy lost people’s trust long ago and has no right to call for the resignation of PM Najib . He lost the plot long ago while masquerading as a hero for his community when realistically, his actions show otherwise.

His call for the PM’s resignation and criticisms of the government’s effort to help the Indian community are hopeless insults rolling off its intended targets like water off a duck’s back. The PM has not betrayed anyone but Waythamoorthy who has betrayed his community via his childish attention-seeking tantrum.

What have you, Waythamoorthy, done to earn the respect of Malaysians and the high moral ground to call for the resignation of the Prime Minister of this country? Such delusional thinking does you nothing. You are oblivious to the fact that you have also lost the nambikei of ALL Malaysians because:

1.       You did not resign as a gentleman for you did not have the decency to see the PM to talk to him about your grouses or your intended resignation.  By that irresponsible and selfish move, you gave up that chance to make a difference in the community and the nation.

2.       Eight months ago, you signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the BN, just before the 13th general election last year  to champion the Indian community’s agenda. Then you were appointed Senator and deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department to take care of affairs of the Indian community but you readily threw it away when the going seemed tough after some ministers asked you to resign.

3.       You have the audacity to accuse the government of ‘dragging its feet’ to help Indians when it is posted for all and sundry to see HERE and THIS LINK how the government has spent, invested and done so much to help the Indian community including:

•    Committing RM540 million for infrastructure development in Tamil schools since 2009, including two recent Budget allocations of RM100 million each in 2012 and 2013.

•    Allocating a special fund of RM20 million in 2013 for infrastructure development and refurbishment works in 13 fully-aided Tamil schools

•   Working with The Community Chest through a public-private partnership with Government to fund 53 Tamil schools a total of RM20.1 million

•   Approving 7 new Tamil schools in the country, the first big increase in the number of Tamil schools since 2000

•  Establishing the Action Plan for Tamil Schools Unit under the PM’s Department to monitor Tamil school issues and to develop a blueprint to chart a

bright future for Tamil schools in Malaysia

•  Cooperating with NGOs with funding from the Federal Government and The Community Chest to set up ICT labs in 38 schools nationwide

Where is your conscience, you make-believe hero? Who has not delivered promises? It is YOU!

You dare announce to the world about how over the last eight months, you ‘had at least 16 meetings with the prime minister at his office in Putrajaya and how you pushed for the naming of the new unit you want to head.  You are nitpicking over a name when the record shows that the government has really gone all out to do much more than before for the Indians.  Are you being fair?

In your resignation, why did you not tell Malaysians that under the Janji Ditepati  programme, the government has:

·         allocated RM50 million for skills training programs targeted at 3,200 Indian youth from plantation backgrounds to increase their employability

·          Funding an independent NGO to launch pilot programs and eventually establish a training center that can train and place 1,000 school dropouts

·         Establishing Koperasi Suria and provided funding of RM8 million to transform existing Indian sundry shops and automotive workshops, with 69 such transformations already completed

·         Establishing the Special Secretariat for the Empowerment of Indian Entrepreneurs (SEED) to assist Indian businesses in obtaining financing and to

·          Reserving RM150 million in SME loans for Indian SMEs etc, which Malaysians can read HERE.

Obviously, you have this penchant for stage theatrics and this exit from the Prime Minister’s Office should be your final curtain call. For all the failed projects, unkept promises for which you are infamous,  you should retire gracefully instead of continuing your attacks on others. Think of ways to help your brother.

Your hunger for power can never be satiated. When snubbed by Anwar before GE13, you ran to BN who took you in, gave you status and power but when you almost had it all, you threw it all away. But we must thank you for with that, you ended your masquearade, threw away your mask and revealed the real you.

So far, PM Najib has tried his best to keep to his promises and if you had not abandoned a ship sailing happily in the ocean, hundreds of thousands of poor Indians in need  could have benefited if only you cared enough to stay and to help. Of course, you did not because it is not in you to be so kind and selfless.

I challenge Waythamoorthy to a debate with the Prime Minister’s department to let the people know the real situation and who is the real traitor and/or  liar.

You betrayed yourself, Indians, Malaysians and people who believed in you after you enjoyed benefits bestowed upon you by the government and then you encouraged Indians to vote for BN. Now you doth protest, quit, and proclaim you have been used? Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?

You have left behind hardly anything of value safe for your meaningless theatrical tirades. So you think you were a hero, Waythamoorthy. Only in your dreams.

By Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
President, Centre for Political Awareness

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