Weaken PERKASA but Strengthen Dong Zong? #pakdin.my

Sin Chew Daily, on 18th May reported that Dong Zong had stomped out of a round-table meeting organized by the government to discuss on Chinese education. They claimed that the meeting was only focusing on technical and isolated cases without taking into consideration their protest on ‘teachers unable to speak fluent Mandarin, be sent to Chinese schools’. Sin Chew was suggesting that Dong Zong to strengthen itself in order to tackle this problem.

There is really nothing new in the rudeness of Dong Zong, in fact, we expected it. Ever since their existence, these extremists have never shown any respect or tolerance to anybody. Their life only revolves around the needs, the wants and the wishes of the Chinese. Other races are irrelevance to their lives except to be their workers.

The interest of the society and the country too, has nothing to do with them as they live in their own world with the original motherland in their hearts and minds. The government’s aspiration to unite the people is an estranged subject to them.

As such, it isn’t wrong if we are to doubt the loyalty of Dong Zong towards the country and it isn’t wrong for us to forever treat them as immigrants.

It is obvious that what Dong Zong ever wants is to create another China over Malaysia where all other races are being ‘swallowed’ into a Chinese capitalist world. If you want to work, you must be able to speak Chinese and if you want to do business, you can only go so far if you are a Chinese. To do this, they must first make sure that Chinese language and Chinese racial sentiment is as strong. And they can only do this by strengthening the Chinese schools.

And this is what Dong Zong’s fight is all about which is beyond racism, it is actually colonialism all over again.

In order to achieve this goal of ‘building China over Malaysia’, they must first loosen the roots of other races, especially the original settlers, the biggest threat, the most patriotic, that is the Malays.

So they harp on ‘Malaysia first, Malay second’, meaning Malays must put their culture behind and push their mother-language aside and be open and accept a new diversified culture, with the Chinese culture and language at the upper-most.

Their only threat into achieving this goal is UMNO and more so, PERKASA, which is perceived to be a Malay-version of extremist.

PERKASA, however, fights for unity. Common-sense and history tell us that unity in a true sense can only be achieved through schools, that is, from young. And PERKASA fights for this, for a one-school-for-all system. PERKASA embraces the government’s aspiration to create one nation, a nation where we can all call ourselves Malaysians and forego the needs to mention our race. But before that, we must first unite in a true sense.

Sure enough, what Dong Zong is fighting for is in every way against PERKASA’s. And so, PERKASA needs to be weakened – the one nation idea must remain as ‘an idea’ forever. Because there can only be ‘One Chinese’ in this county, other races are mere workers or employees.

With Sin Chew calling Dong Zong to strengthen itself, it also means asking the Chinese to take their racism to a higher level.

So, all of you peace-loving Malaysians, be very sure that Dong Zong’s constant fight for a permanent and further separation of all races up to secondary schools and universities is just the beginning. Bear in mind that their goal is to conquer or overhaul the whole system to fit their interest alone.

Dong Zong’s arrogant attitude when dealing with other parties, especially, the government, by refusing to discuss and accept explanation or be open to suggestions, is a clear show of their chronic chauvinism. This chronic chauvinism and racism could tear Malaysia apart and allowing Dong Zong to spread it farther and plant it deeper in the Chinese community makes the clock on the time-bomb ticks even faster.

But how do we tell Dong Zong that it is high time for them to learn to be part of Malaysia? How do we put some sense into the minds of the extremists?

Sooner or later, Dong Zong will have to accept that you can’t be part of Malaysia when your heart remains in China. You wouldn’t be less Chinese if you don’t go to Chinese school. But being less Chinese should be the least on your mind. You must first worry about whether you are Malaysian enough…