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Were the 23 PKNS’s staff the first series of victim by Selangor’s future MB?

pkns-pecat-staffThe act of sacking 23 of its employee by PKNS yesterday shocked many people. It is understood that the discharge of the 23 staff was a part of the Azmin Ali’s saga where he was booted out by the state leader Dato’ Seri Khalid Ibrahim. The mass discharge of civil servant (even though some of them were on contract basis by PKNS) had never happened. There were no reasonable explanations  by any of the Selangor state authority on the matter.

PKNS and the state government denied that the discharge had any links with the political turmoil in PKR. However, the people of Malaysia are more learned then some PKR leaders can see the show of power in PKR in trying to cover up for the greed and vile propaganda brought by the DAP in Selangor.

According to our sources from the opposition, Azmin and Khalid feud also involves racial issues where all of PKNS housing projects are build and sold by outsourced contractors and real estate agents. PKNS Engineering and Construction or PKNS Holdings does not play any major part in the development of these projects.

Because of this particular stance by the state and PKNS, the one who benefited from these projects are developers and also Chinese contractors. They were also the one who embraces the DAP stance to get rid of Malays in the city by elevating the real estate price so that the Malays cannot afford to buy any property in the city.

Khalid Ibrahim who is known as a DAP puppet and surely his action reflects his submission to the DAP. Because of that, we unlike the members of the public are not shocked that he sacked 23 of the PKNS staff members who are ever vigilant in stopping the DAP from destroying the true purpose of PKNS in Selangor.

We do not know, how far is the truth about this story, but for those who are familiar with the Selangor political scenario, it is hard for us not to believe, even if it just a theory.

Azmin’s standing in this particular fiasco is hard to be determined. Some might say that the DAP favour Anwar compared to Azmin as this might be the true reason why Azmin was sacked and Anwar is being hailed to be the future Menteri Besar of Selangor. This particular action is to stop the entire internal dispute in the PKR and also to strengthen the DAP.

If this is true, it seems that the DAP has already managed to won some of the battle with no casualties. Firstly, they managed to ensure that their cronies among the developers and contractors will have enormous income, secondly is their mission to get rid of the Malays from the city are going well. Thirdly, their goal of sacking Malay civil servants even before becoming the government of the federation.

The promise to cut down the numbers of civil servant was made by Tony Pua in the 31st of October 2011 in Johore Bahru, he said “if the Pakatan Rakyat were to capture Putrajaya, then we will propose a project which is named “The Special Project To Reduce Civil Servant” this is to reduce the numbers of civil servant gradually each year.

It seems that the DAP is not playing around when they said that they will sacked Civil Servants and in this particular case in Selangor. They are using their Malay proxy to do the dirty work for them. Khalid Ibrhaim has proven that he is a loyal puppet as he has strong conviction to defend the DAP even with the issue of the religion of Islam.

However, the political charm of Khalid Ibrahim seems to be wearing off as we can see it daily that he has become a dead weight for PKR and the DAP. Thus, who are more suitable to take the helm other than Anwar Ibrahim who has being used by the DAP ever since he as sacked by Tun Mahathir himself.

Anwar, even though carries and image of liberalism and pluralism are still being supported by aome of the Malays. Anwar as the Chief of Opposition in the Malaysian parliament is a suitable candidate to execute all of DAP orders in Selangor without being questioned by the Malays.

In Anwar’s head, he must think that he is playing the DAP to achieve his dream, but in DAP’s mind set, DAP is the one who are using Anwar for their very own political survival. As for PAS, like a loyal lap dog, they are waiting for orders by both of the parties.

According to this particular fact, our advice for the people of Kajang is to oppose Anwar. Just imagine with all the wealth of Selangor and the big project that they were planning in Kajang, who will gain the most of it? Are the Malays and the poor in Kajang will benefit from Anwar’s victory?

Or if Anwar really do win, how many civil servant will be sacked when Anwar Ibrhaim is the Menteri Besar of Selangor?

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