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BERITAWhat Are Fauzi Shaari's Motives In Joining PAS?

What Are Fauzi Shaari’s Motives In Joining PAS?

In the situation nowadays where the police is seen as the lowest form of organization in the eyes of Pakatan Rakyat’s supporters, obviously almost everyone is shocked with the action of former Bukit Aman Crime Investigation Director’s, Datuk Fauzi Shaari in joining one of the component parties in Pakatan Rakyat, PAS.

This is not the matter of us questioning his rights in joining any political party. It is his rights as an individual who had retired from the police.

We do not care if he goes to any parties, but why did he have to make a statement saying that now that he is in PAS, he is no longer involved in any crime syndicate. Did he mean that all police officers who have retired but did not join PAS is still involved in a crime syndicate?

That is one thing. Another thing is that how can he simply erase all of the insults that PAS had thrown to the police force where he was a part of back then, especially ones that involves the police’s efforts in breaking riots and other crimes that they have committed since 1998?

And of we are to look at the history, 1985 to be exact, the Memali incident where PAS supporters, led by Ibrahim Libya, attacked and killed four police officers before him and 13 of his followers were killed because of that, obviously Fauzi do not have any concrete reason to join PAS.

Because the Memali incident had shown how PAS really hate the police. Not just with words and insult, but it was more than that.

Has Fauzi forgotten that during the incident, PAS’s members who were dead were buried in a way that they are syahid? They considered it as syahid because they thought that the police were kafir back then? If Fauzi is still not convinced, ask Hadi, he was the one who came out with such fatwa. The irony is, Hadi was the one who received Fauzi’s membership application – a former senior police officer.

Officially, Fauzi had became a PAS’s member for three days now where we can say that he is still yet to contribute anything to PAS. But what is certain is that PAS’s ‘contribution’ towards Fauzi in criminal cases involving the party were just too many to be mentioned in this article/

With the power of the police force, measured by its integrity and dignity, Fauzi’s action is simply intolerable – even though Fauzi explained that he wants to explain to PAS’s supporters on police’s contributions that they might not know (HarakahDaily, May 20, 2012).

From writer’s point of view, the perception among PAS’s supporters even after Fauzi had given the explanation, would remain unchanged. Majority of respondents who writer had asked somehow have their doubts in Fauzi. To them, once you work as the government’s dog (police), you will forever be known as the government’s dog. It seems that they do not think like their leaders who are proud with entrance their government’s dog.

As a former senior police officer, Fauzi is supposed to defend police’s actions in putting a stop to law breakers because they are just doing their duty like what was stated under the law. Instead, he chooses to join them.

If he wants to increase his knowledge in religion etc. There are many independent bodies out there such as Perkim, YADIM or JAKIM. Why PAS? PAS has nothing to do with religion, only from their dress code and a few Arabic accents.

PAS is a political party that was established to win elections and to form a government, no more than that. PAS have even sacrificed Islam when they decided that they would not fight to form an Islamic nation, but to change Islam in the constitution to Addin.

Thus, writer is convinced that being in PAS, Fauzi is just looking for an opportunity to be a candidate for elections, that would be his only motive. Even though he did deny the matter, it might just happen anyways.



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