When Chinese Became Anti-Malay



The Janji Demokrasi Rally showed us two things regarding a few Malaysians who support the opposition. One would be PR’s clear goal who wants to change the Jalur Gemilang so that they could get a step closer to build the Republic of Malaysia, which brings us back to the nation’s history where communists rule. The second would be on how Chinese took the chance on expressing hate towards Malay.

This was done by stepping and insulting the picture of Malay leaders in cheer.

IT began from Namawee who was taken as a hero for insulting Malays and Islam which ended with him getting more and more ‘profit’, the Chinese then never looked back to show their hate towards Islam and Malays. After Namawee, the episodes went on when Chinese social web pages began to express their hate without fear.

DAP would only work alongside Malays if the Malays are stupid enough to be used by them. That is why they are telling rakyat to hate UMNO because they know that Malays in UMNO are well aware of their bad agenda.

Even though DAP-PAS-PKR are now working together, Chinese DAP still mock and insult PKR-PAS behind their back. They would say that PAS-PKR are stupid, lazy, no dignity, can be bought with money and women at just about any time.

We have tried to remind our brothers about DAP but sadly, Malays in PAS and PKR chose to keep DAP over their brothers, this proves that DAP’s insult towards them are true.

Just look at how Malay PR supporters joined along those Chinese to step the picture of our Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib. If that is not PAS-PKR stupidity then what is it?

The fact is, DAP’s hate towards Malay is no longer an illusion. It has been proven in history on how they wish to expel and kill all Malays in Malaysia, or at least away from Kuala Lumpur during the May 13th tragedy.

Believe it, this hate is still on and it stays in their principal to wipe off Malay rights. Do remember that they are not ashamed to express their hate, for instance, they refused to wear the official uniform during a dewan session in Sabah with the excuse that the uniform seems Malay Islam.

Remember how Bahasa Melayu, a national language was described by them as unimportant. Instead, the Chinese are fighting to bring Mandarin as the bigger language in Malaysia. This strategy would definitely close up job openings for Malays in private sectors which might be conquered by the Chinese in the future.

But, PAS and PKR Malay supporters who are too stupid to understand anything cannot read this strategy because they are working alongside DAP. That is why PAS-PKR would even come to the great length of stepping on the picture of their own people just to help DAP to get to the top. They do not even realize that if PR wins the next GE, DAP would definitely push Malays including PAS and PKR who they used.

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