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When Malaysian Politics and Japanese Animes Collide…

Sya Nina Al-Jufri

As you might know, the controversial by-election in Kajang have gathered plenty of attention not only because the way it happened but plenty of other related issues surrounding it. Obviously, both Barisan Nasional and Parti Keadilan Rakyat have rally up behind their candidates but from what I seen so far, they are nowhere near this particular set of BN-themed anime characters.

Posted by a forumer nicknamed Gion in the Kopitiam section of our forums earlier today, the person responsible behind these gems is a BN supporter named Sya Nina Al-Jufri. She has actually crafted quite a number of them of Facebook and here are some samples:


03 04

Since my knowledge of anime are rather limited, I have no idea who these characters are. Nevertheless, I don’t think one even need to have such knowledge in order to be amused (or appreciate, if you must) by this level of Photoshop mastery.

Meanwhile, not much PKR-related artwork were posted in the thread at Kopitiam apart from these two:

06(yes, I know that My Little Pony is not exactly a Japanese anime…)


Will this become a trend? Well, let’s see how things going to turn up as we get closer to the Kajang by-election polling day on 23 March.

[Source: Kopitiam @ Lowyat.NET Forums]

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