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POLITIKWhen PR Themselves Don't Believe In Demonstrations

When PR Themselves Don’t Believe In Demonstrations

If BN fights by working hard for rakyat, PR then fights by running demonstrations.

Demonstrations seem to be their most important task where they would try to do it as often as they can. If there are no issues to be rallied, they would create issues. Whether the issue is true or false, that would not matter.

In short, PR strive through demonstrations. Without it, PR would not have anything.

For that, it is like a religious ritual for PR to form demonstrations, it is something pure for them. As if demonstrations are the symbol of freedom when it comes to fighting for justice, human rights or even nature. Demontration is placed even higher than the law where they do not have to listen to anyone.

But, the demonstrations are only done if they are targeting UMNO, BN or the government.

Insteadn for those who organizes demonstrations going against PR, it would then turn to something that is not pure.

Yesterday alone, there were two demonstration which were organized to go against PR. One was in front of PKR’s headquarters where an NGO, Nambikai United Alliance ran a peaceful rally to demand for PKR’s response for insulting the Jalur Gemilang during the eve of Independence Day.

The other one was held in Penang by stall owners who were pushed by DAP where the party refused to look at their license application and simply pushed them away from their site.

For the incident at PKR’s headquarters, PKR supporters began to throw objects to the peaceful rally to show their rage. In Penang, the stall owners were insulted and tried to be stopped by PR supporters.

Those were not the first time rallies were done to go against PR. Prior to those, there were a few demonstration which took place in Penang as the state discriminates non-Chinese community there, especially business owners. And let’s not forget about how Kedah’s Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak criticised students who formed the rally during the AUKU issue.

The same thing goes to the demonstration held in front of Ambiga’s house where business owners showed their ‘dance moves’. Ambiga was really stressed out due to the demonstration, saying that they invaded her privacy. Perhaps being traumatized by the ‘butt exercise’ dance in front of her house, that is why she refused to lead the Janji Ditepati rally the other day.

That is why rakyat now no longer believe that PR could open up the space for freedom of speech if they rule this country. PR seems like they would not compromise with people who do not think they way they do. This can be seen where they chose to boycott medias which are said to be pro-government. They are telling their supporters that everything that are reported by mainstream medias are lies.

They had never told their supporters to be open and listen to both sides of each stories just like how a party is supposed to be when it comes to freedom of speech and human rights.

And now, they are saying no to rallies which is their ‘sacred ritual’ because it does not benefit them at all.

If PR is scared of demonstrations, they should stop doing it. They should fulfil their promises and face the culture which they invented, demonstration culture.



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