When Will This Hudud Drama End? #pakdin.my

Pas’s Deputy Youth Chief, Dr. Raja Ahmad Al Hiss stressed that the statement made by Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang regarding the implementation of hudud if PR wins the General Election does not clash with Pakatan Rakyat’s principal.

Pas’s Scholar Chief, Datuk Dr. Harun Taib also said the same and suggested that Karpal’s opinion should just be put aside. Karpal Singh previously objected Hadi Awang for bringing back the issue of hudud which he thought was oer, where it would not be implemented when PAS agreed to change their objective from Islamic nation to Welfare nation.

Karpal also referred to Hadi Awang recent statement where he wanted to change from Islam as the official religion in Malaysia to Islamic way of living (Addin) to all.

With that, Karpal demanded so that PAS would stop all the talks on Islam especially hudud. According to him, talks on Islam is simply confusing voters, and that it does not go in line with Pakatan Rakyat’s principal.

We do agree with Karpal where PAS needs to make a decision with their stand on hudud for one last time.

In PAS’s earlier days, the party made hudud as their main focus. With the stand, many PAS’s supporters have turned fanatic and they fully oppose the government which they think that the government is secular and that it cannot implement hudud. The incident of Memali and Sauk would be few examples of tragic moments that came from such extreme movement that was brought by PAS.

Without them knowing, hudud is simply a political drama to gain support from Muslims. PAS is aware that Malays can be influenced easily through drama. With that, PAS had used this method to lure voters to this never-ending drama.

When they see the opportunity to get to Putrajaya, by cooperating with Anwar Ibrahim, PAS suddenly became ‘soft’ and they began to be more open towards the implementation of hudud. To prove their openness, Hadi Awang said,” Hudud is just 0.0001 part of the real aspect of Islamic law, but it is the government’s responsibility to implement it.” – (Hadi Awang / March 7, 2000 / Utusan Malaysia).

It is clear that the position of hudud is only small. So, the extreme approach that was brought by PAS is simply a way to get political gain.

In other words, PAS, especially Hadi Awang himself is simply acting – sometimes extreme, sometimes open.

But, this is upsetting PAS’s fanatic fans and PAS ended up having to provide excuses every time they are asked.

Finally, when their ‘play’ helped them to win Kedah and maintain their power in Kelantan, PAS has agreed to change their Islamic nation principal that is actually in the hudud, just so that they could be in Putrajaya with DAP and PKR. This is their response:

“We do have an agreement, fat this stage, we will not talk anything about hudud. Our main mission now is to bring down Barisan Nasional in elections”. – (Nik Amar Nik Abdullah, Kelantan Government PAS’s Exco/ September 3, 2010 / Utusan Malaysia)

PAS thought that their openness would be accepted by everyone including their supporters. They never thought that their actions would eat themselves. Due to that, PAS is now seen as a rug, slave to DAP and that they do not have any dignity.

PAS is mocked, insulted for abandoning their principal, religion and rakyat just for politics. Things get worse when PAS went out of hands when they worked alongside Ambiga who supports murtad (convert out of Islam) and LGBT when they said that they would fight against all of that.

Looking at all of this where supporters are angered, PAS once again try to continue their hudud drama that should have ended a long time ago. PAS believed that this is the best strategy to face the GE where they could show their power in rebutting Karpal Singh who is all against hudud.

In a way, they did not see that this would only add up the rage among people to them. This is because, in certain, Karpal Singh would be consistant that he and DAP will always be against DAP and Islamic nation. The one that is unclear and inconsistent would be PAS.

Thus, PAS needs to accept the fact that this hudud drama is dead, especially if they keep on using the same actors and script.