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Where Did Phonm Penh Post Come From? #FitnahPR

The issue that is being played rapidly by this by pro-opposition media is regarding an article written by Roger Mitton from Phnom Penh Post newspaper regarding the Scorpene scandal and Altantuya murder.

It is quite tiring to talk about the same issue for the past five years but we do not think that Hospital Bahagia have any cure for this, so it is writer’s obligation to make it clear to rakyat about the lie that Pakatan Rakyat is trying to make.

Writer would like to start off with Phnom Penh Post.

Phnom Penh Post is an English-language Cambodian newspaper. Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in South-East Asia, and we have never really heard of such newspaper being referred by famous world news agencies such as Reuters, AFP etc. Writer was informed that even in Cambodia, the newspaper is not as famous as how New Strait Times and The Star is in Malaysia, well, considering that the number of illiterates are quite high there, only a few are able to read English newspapers.

The reason why writer is saying this is not to insult anyone, but to picture on how small this newspaper is to be compared to other international news agencies.

So, who do they think they are that they could talk about problems in Malaysia, talking about the issue of submarines? Their country do not even have one to be able to know how it is to actually go through the process of purchasing and managing the vehicle from the right perspective. Thus, their research are made from reference from the internet and not from real facts, that is what writer thinks.

It is not surprising that most of the facts in the article are wrong and it divert all information from the real situation. We can even say that the article is outdated.

But all of that did not stop the opposition to sensationalize the story to the highest level. they do not seem to care whether the story is true or not, all they know is the story can be turned to another issue.

That is just low. If the facts are all true, we could still consider it. But it was all wrong!

For example, the claim that Altantuya had met with Datuk Seri Najib in Paris and that the ‘commission’ was paid to Perimekar.

We know that Datuk Seri Najib had sworn for four times that he do not know nor met with Altantunya (personally). Writer mentioned personally because writer have met with the PM for a few times – that does not mean that he knows writer. The same thing goes to Pakcik Hasan in Muar, Ah Lok in Kuala Lumpur and Makcik Bedah in Kuching, we could say that hundreds and thousands of people have met with the PM, but that does not mean that he knows every each and one of them.

As a Muslim, there is no reason why writer would want to argue anymore because Najib had sworn. Other than just empty arguments, has there ever been any evidence that it really happened? If it is just about putting super imposed pictures, just shut it.

If Roger Mitton and Phnom Penh Post is too stupid to understand the meaning and importance behind being under oath, there are millions of sources in the internet have mentioned that Datuk Najib has never met that woman. That is more than enough, but it is weird that they still use that as part of their article.

As for the issue of commission, it has been explained multiple of times in the Parliament and published in international media.

Perimekar is not the middle person that they are paid with commission. Perimekar is a company that provides support service and maintenance to the operation of two of the submarines which were bought by Malaysia for six years. Including the cost of trainings and living cost of the crews and their families for a few years being in France.

It is clear here that Phnom Penh Post is just a small time newspaper that do not get any attention in Cambodia. only Pakatan people are going crazy over it because they could sensationalize the story, and this is not surprising. The charge that is made on Datuk Najib in the case is too weak, thus, there is nothing they can do, so they did just about anything.

Writer was told by someone that even if the names of Najib & Altantunya appear on the butt of a cow, it would be taken as election candidate for Pakatan Rakyat. Writer do know that it was just a joke, but that shows how stupid Pakatan Rakyat really are.

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