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POLITIKWhite House Takes Note of PR’s Defeat in Next Malaysian GE

White House Takes Note of PR’s Defeat in Next Malaysian GE

The people of Malaysia can be rest assured of continuous stability and prosperity after the 13th General Election as Dato’ Seri Najib received what we may refer as an advance congratulatory wish from President Barrack Obama as they met at the ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh last week. At the meeting, President Obama had expressed his confidence in Barisan Nasional’s (BN) winning in the election that is to be held anytime now till June 2013.

The US has been keeping a close monitoring on Malaysian politics as their so-called ‘blue-eyed’ boy, Anwar Ibrahim is to take his next best shot in taking over the government in the election.

Ibrahim’s coalition party, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has done everything they could to cover the perfect picture of Malaysia under the BN’s ruling. He had gone as far as trying to tarnish the Prime Minister’s image by fabricating stories of corruption scandals and murder and linking them all to the Premier. He took the people to the streets to mock the tragedy of Tahrir Square hoping that it too, would lead to the fall of the government.

Ibrahim has always has high passion and ‘skills’ for street demonstration. This ‘trait’ is then being used in diversity, in the hope of creating an impression of masses, volume and numbers of people against the government. Therefore, we see people marching down the streets for anything and everything that Ibrahim could think of – for the fair and clean election, for his acquittal from the homosexual-rape charges, for the environment, for a free education for all in all levels…

But one thing that is clear is that in any street demonstration organized by him or his stooges of NGOs, they could only gathered as far as 20,000 people tops which is far-fetched from the targeted number in order to make an impact. The same people would be ‘recycled’ in every demonstration.

The government had proved that some Singaporeans were also involved in these demonstrations, meaning too few Malaysians are with Anwar Ibrahim that he needed outsiders to help with the numbers.

However, back in 2008’s GE, Ibrahim’s tireless effort had managed to convince quite many Malaysians that their comfortable, harmonious, lavish lives are all fakes and that they are in fact living in hell for being robbed, cheated, suppressed or bribed by the BN government all their lives.

As a result, even though the BN managed to retain its throne, it has lost its 2/3 majority in parliament with 4 states now in the hands of PR. This fact unfortunately, didn’t work in favour for the PR as their cry of unclean and unfair election now sounds outrageously fictitious.

After 4 years, the people of Malaysia slowly wakes up from the ‘dream of hell’ that Anwar had led them into. The reality of their heavenly lives under BN is now getting clearer and clearer. Malaysians finally started to think that it would take the lowest idiot to put his fate in the hands of a coalition that has no idea where they are going to. Islamic-Wahabbi State, Secular State, Liberalist, to uphold Islam or Pluralism in Religion, everything jumbled up and remain a blurr that even the PR leaders including Ibrahim himself can’t figure out and unashamed to admit it.

This, plus the Dato’ Seri Najib’s popularity factor and his evidently successful transformation programs that can directly be seen, felt and ‘touched’ by the people, makes things look worse for PR and Anwar Ibrahim in the next GE.

This is the scenario gathered by the US informants. It is an open secret that the US has got their eyes all over Malaysia from the inside and its surroundings. It is clear now than ever that Anwar Ibrahim is far and further away from Putrajaya than he thinks.

Report received from some inside sources has confirmed that the White House has taken this information as valid and accepted. The report concluded that BN is going to win big, at least bigger than 2008 and will definitely stand on a firmer ground after the election to take the country forward for the next term.

Suddenly, Anwar Ibrahim’s eyes aren’t blue anymore.



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