#LGEScandal : Who Is Prettier For Lim Guan Eng? #pakdin.my

A few weeks ago, the country was in for a shock regarding a scandal between Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng with his former employee, Ng Phaik Kheng.

The scandal turns even more complicated when it also involved Sidang DUN Melaka regarding a few push from MCA representative who wants Lim’s wife, who is Bukit Tunggal’s MP, Betty Chew to explain on the issue.

The explanation was asked because there were claims saying that Lim’s forehead was bruised after being hit by Betty who was raged over the scandal between Lim and Ng Phaik Kheng.

But now, after a while, the issue which seems to have lose attention somehow got into the limelight again when Betty’s friends were shocked with drastic changes which can be seen at the Penang CM’s wife.

The change in style which is more elegant shocks a few but it seems to be paying off considering that many are beginning to complement over her new image.

People saw the change during an official event which was held two days ago where Betty showed her new image which grabbed multiple attention, and the story was even published by Chinese newspapers.

Betty seems younger and she looks like those contemporary styled women.

Before this, it is hard for us to see her even smile, but now, her new attitude is a lot better with her being a lot more friendlier.

Looking at all these changes, it is not hard for us to assume that there must be something that causes all of this, probably something to reduce stress or to gain back her husband’s attention.

She may be a little bit older to be compared to younger women such as Ng Phaik Kheng or Rainbow, her nickname given by Lim Guan Eng, but that is not a huge issue for Lim & Betty to get back together.

it is just that now, what does Lim Guan Eng has to say about his wife’s drastic change? It is impossible for him not to be able to see such efforts just so that she could get him back.

Between Rainbow who is young, beautiful and much more affectionate to be compared to his wife, Betty Chew who is a bit old but now stylish, who would he choose?

Perhaps Rainbow’s affectionate attitude would attract him more or his bruised forehead would force him to praise Betty who is now a very stylish person.

Why Must Betty Chew Go Berserk?

LiGuanENGRainbowSex scandals, secret love affairs, infidelities of politicians have been used as a weapon to bring them down ever since politics was introduced. In today’s world, especially, no dark secret can stay a secret when social networking and blogging have become the way of life. So, here’s the hard truth for all politicians that is,