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BERITAENGLISHWho Would Become PM After Anwar's Eliminated?

Who Would Become PM After Anwar’s Eliminated?

The story PAS-DAP’s Verbal agreement regarding the situation if Pakatan Rakyat manages to rule has been spread, it is where PAS and DAP would ensure that Anwar would never become Prime Minister for too long. It might be even shorter than two years.

New source told that according to calculations, PAS and DAP would only provide two months for Anwar to be at Putrajaya before sending him back to jail.

This agreement was made between PAS and DAP because they are well aware on who Anwar really is and they cannot have him as a leader.Moreover, without Anwar, at least their power would not have to be split into three, instead, only two, PAS and DAP.

2008 GE showed DAP winning 28 seats and PAS 23 seats, that shows us that DAP has more over over PAS.

As for GE13, DAP is determined to compete with more seats, adding 43 more seats, making it 90. But this matter was denied by DAP who stated that the party would only compete for 60 seats compared to PAS 66.

Their denial seems to raise doubt considering their persistence in putting Malay candidates for the coming GE, thus, leaving even smaller chance for PAS. Knowing how kiasu and racist DAP is, the party would never let itself controlled by other parties, especially PAS, the party which represents Malays.

Looking at this scenario, PAS might not be able to surpass DAP in about every angle including number of seats, the ability to go against DAP as well as to manage. That is why, DAP can easily put PAS aside and appoint their leader as Prime Minister.

We cannot see how Hadi Awang could fight against the cunning Kit Siang, he cannot even fight against Anwarinas in PAS. Hadi Awang is more of a symbol instead of a real President. He even often leave his responsible to chair meetings to other people and he would only be around for the opening and closing.

If Hadi Awang is a symbol, then Nik Aziz is just a mascot to promote the image of Ulama. This mascot should be used as their ‘logo’ even though he is just too old to do anything. It is clear that Nik Aziz’s existence in PAs is not to lead but to be held by others’ hands as he walks. To where he walks, that is up to those who holds his hand.

With this sad fact, how could PAS go against DAP and ensure that all the vital posts would go to them?

Thus, the certain scenario which would happen if PR takes over the government would be Anwar becoming the Prime Minister for just about two months before the post is taken over by DAP, while PAS would become their puppet Deputies, ot they might not get any posts at all.

So DAP would then proceed with their agenda to eliminate Malay rights, Royal constitutions, Royal Malay Regiment as well as turning Malaysia into a secular country as soon as they can.



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